Thursday, March 26, 2009

The New New Deal: Attack Everybody

America has embroiled itself in unnecessary conflicts all over the globe.  They are desperately, as it now seems, trying to rescue the inevitably doomed dollar.  The answer:  more war; specifically;  a LOT more war. 

Because nobody knows for sure about the specifics of the global elite's plan for world domination, one can only speculate.  A fair assessment of the facts and the possibilities to follow could go like this:

The bank bailout money is being used in part to manipulate the market from utter failure.  This is meant to buy time- enough to start a conflict or conflicts, which will, and the international financiers hope, cause an economic boom, coupled with more media-induced fear, forcing the public to give up more liberty.  This is what the fascists like:  crisis management.  If there is no crisis, they will create one.


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