Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Secret Role of the Global Currency

All semantics aside, the Obama Administration will be a supporting agent in the quest for a one-world currency. In the short term, the bankers and the government may settle for a North American currency. An entirely new monetary system is necessary to wipe the books clean and start afresh. It remains the only viable option to rescue the dollar and have the current establishment also retain power.

A logical person would conclude that the Obama Administration has to see the inevitable collapse of the dollar if the same freedoms are allowed the people. The economy must be restricted to the degree which will extract all the wealth from the people to pay for all the unlawful transgressions in the corporate welfare scam. This cannot be done under the bright lights of publicity. If the people know their intentions are sinister before measures are agreed upon, they will become incensed.

Last night in his press conference, Obama skillfully eluded the questioner's point, admitting world currency discussions and then denying his support for a global currency. Listen closely to the YouTube on the bottom of this link ........ right at about 2 minutes and 50 seconds..... Obama states, "though we are going through a rough patch, the prospects of the world economy is very strong." There is a weird beeping noise as Obama tries to finish this sentence. The first time around, even the editor's of the Pulse didn't get this admission by Obama of the elite's attempt of world government.

Obama has merely changed the wording of a "one world government." He has chosen to ignore the issue of currency completely, acting as if the exchange of the actual article matters not. Also, his main point on this subject has been to warn against the dangers of protectionism, preying on the ignorance of people who still believe that the United States is still in a position of dictating terms of policy to the world. Americans could care less about having a "global" economy. Americans want a dependable, strong, American economy that enjoys a relationship with other sovereign nations. Obama's most consistent trait is that he says one thing and then does the exact opposite. By perpetuating myths, whether it be about the dollar's ability to be viable in the future or ending warfare, he uses the ignorance of the masses against the people. This is the cruel joke played on the good people who have been duped by his insidious lies.

Obama's neglect of discussing the currency isn't so hard to figure out when other abuses of local government occur, worst of all in Obama's home state. Chicago, an increasingly oppressive city, recently sold the street parking meters to a subsidiary of Morgan Stanley, one of the bankrupt hedge funds that managed to plunge country into bankruptcy. Right now, a quarter buys a whole seven minutes. Their plan is to eliminate cash in the meters altogether in six months.

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