Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Farmers' Right to Market

Thought that peanut salmonella epidemic wasn't a big deal? Every crisis, created on purpose or not, causes lawmakers to "regulate" businesses. Lawmakers are increasingly using the the essential need for quality control as a weapon in maintaining the power structure over the people. In her book, The Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein describes the phenomena she calls "disaster" capitalism. Lawmakers, seizing upon the confusion and emotion of the moment, enact legislation which instead of improving the situation, does the exact opposite. Increasingly in most sectors of the economy but especially agriculture, the contracts have become more exclusive, outlawing everybody except a few distributors. The alleged hope of lawmakers is to ensure quality control. However, though the semantics may point to altruistic motives, the true motive is complete hegemonic domination.

Obama's ruse has been clear up to this point. He is using a plea for American's safety in the hopes of passing legislation that further restricts individual liberty. One bill, currently in committee is one that would ensure domination by a few people over the entire country. Imagine not being allowed to have a garden!

As noted globalist Henry Kissinger once said, "If you control the oil supply, you control the country. If you control the food supply, you control the population." With a failing economy now nationalized, the U.S. is 
 to try to take control of the food supply with H.R. 875. Proposed by Rep. Rose Delauro, the bill essentially outaws organic farming but doesn't say the word "organic." Using the facade of "ensuring safety and food purity", this legislation will allow large corporations to squeeze small farmers out of the market.


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