Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Here Come the Thought Police

The major newspapers are facing two problems. The inflated U.S. dollar system has made business unviable. Readership is also down because of the internet. The major news outlets have compunded the problem by refusing to report many stories important to the security and freedom of the American people. Faced with this dilemma, Americans have turned away from their traditional news sources in search of the truth. Since the 1990's the internet and, in particular, the blogosphere has revoutionized the dissemination of information.

Clearly this is a major problem for the world's elite as they prepare people for one world government. For them, the less people understand the better. The few citizens who resist currency devaluation and consolidation can be marginalized through strict control of the debate.  This is why sound money, or a gold standard, though guaranteed in the U.S. 
Constitution, will never be discussed seriously as a viable option by the mainstream media.  The exact remedy the country's economy needs will not be discussed because it would ensure defeat for the world's elite.  See, the people who are currently wealthy will be able  to survive quite well in an inflationary environment or the printing of more money.  The steep rise in prices will not hurt them as much in the short term because they will always have access to credit and the currently wealthy are not most likely living paycheck to paycheck like many Americans.  Whether it be the "window" of the Federal Reserve or inside tracks to government contracts, a select number will be able to access the credit first.  These market prejudices disrupt the market irrevocably and more tinkering exacerbates the imbalance.      

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