Monday, March 9, 2009

The Queen and the Community Organizer

Barack Obama is scheduled to meet Queen Elizabeth II next month. The Crown has played down this visit by the former community organizer. The Crown has described the meeting as a "getting to know you" session and stressed "the wish to do these things as discreetly as possible." Good luck with that, your righteousness. Obama is only the most recognizable figure on the planet. Great Britain's own prime minister, Gordon Brown, was just in the U.S. pleading before Congress for the U.S. to lead the world into the new world order. The world is in the midst of an economic collapse and the Queen of England is set to meet the first African President of the U.S.- that shouldn't be too big a deal.......!??

While in London, Obama plans to convince other world leaders to also "stimulate" their economies. The problem is that populations in other countries are much more wary than the U.S. of causing an inflationary environment. In much the same way, in front of U.S. audiences, Obama has been reluctant to mention a new world currency because the U.S. public would surely reject it at this juncture. So, his plan is to essentially to convince other countries in the G20 to print as much money as to cause a hyperinflationary environment. When all currency is rendered unviable, the world will be ready for an all-encompassing currency.

Obama's visit will coincide with an anniversary of another community organizer's struggle. Bobby Sands organized his fight against oppression and unlawful occupation. This spring will mark the 18th anniversary of the H-Block Martyrs' hunger strike. True community organizing is without want of self-aggrandizement. Real community organizers are selfless in their pursuit of fighting oppression. It is safe to say Bobby Sands never met the source of his oppression. Obama on the other a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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