Monday, February 2, 2009

World Economic Meltdown

As leaders met in Davos, Switzerland last week to discuss solutions to the economic crisis gripping the world, the economic situation continued to deteriorate. Across the ocean in Brazil, Latin American leaders also met in an "anti-Davos" forum to discuss the real perpetrators of this colossal crime. Inreasingly, lines are being drawn and sides are being more clearly chosen by leaders around the world.

The leaders who met in Davos want a new world order led by the United States. The problem for them is that they haven't come clean about what this means for the American people. They know they will have to either force America to give up her sovereignty or do so so through a "partnership" and institute a new currency to set the money clock back to zero. An approximate $825 billion stimulus package is currently being debated on the Senate floor. However, nobody knows where exactly the money will go, if they will set up a bad bank to take all the lousy assets, or if more money pumped into the system will cause an inflationary environment.

A safe prediction is that a "bad" bank will not be set up. The global elite are going to push for a world government. Their methods for achieving this are simple. They are prepared to inflict pain on the people so that they will be willing to sacrifice the little freedom they have left for food. This is despite the fact that the entire economic crisis could be solved if the Federal Reserve and the international bankers are abolished and a constituional currency is once again established in lieu of the fraudulent Federal Reserve note.

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