Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Subjugation Is the Real Issue

It is important to remember that the problems only seem unsolvable because the loudest voices say it is so. Fear is created by everybody shouting on and on about the severity of the problem and whining about the absurdity of how such a calamity could have happened. An atmosphere of disinformation and trumped-up rivalries are created to create animosity which prevents the real truth from ever being discovered. Therefore, control of the debate secures the repression of information and subjugates the people through deception.

The refusal of the press to debate the value of the Federal Reserve system speaks volumes through their silence. The recipe for this lie is simple. It goes a little like this: every other possible reason is explored. Sometimes even issues that are absurdly on the periphery of the discussion are debated. Ultimately, the argument concludes with the wished-for result acheived through use of a dialectic that would have made Hegel himself proud.



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