Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why Maintain a Foreign Empire?

Soon the pollsters who voted for Obama will be remorseful about that choice. Obama's plan and rhetoric always focused on the brutality of the war on Iraq. He really was for expanding in Afghanistan and "chasing Bin Laden." He has packed his Cabinet full of Bilderberg and Council on Foreign Relations members. The Council on Foreign Relations doesn't truly care about the welfare of the world. These calamities and accidental provocations by weaker countries are not ironically weird and, at the same time, deadly serious. Since the council's inception after World War I, the members have been set on one-world government with the United States the engine to make this happen.

By using the pleas for security and welfare they have coerced the American public into beilieving that they have the answer to the problem that they have created themselves. The Congress could do something if they truly wanted to for the good of the country and the world. They WON'T. The second part of the stimulus will pass. People will be chosen to receive the money. Govenment will continue to intervene in the economy and warp the division between rich and poor. And all of this in violation of the Constitution's explicit text.

Article 1 Section 10




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