Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tax 'Em Well into the Millenium

Chicago's Millenium Park was vandalized recently. The "Bean Sculpture" was engraved with somebody's name (If you look closely, you can see the stainless steel structure to the left). Apparently, someone named 'Ashley' claimed her right the stainless steel jelly bean located near Michigan Avenue.
No doubt strategically placed surveillance cameras are next in order. Why not? Millenium Park itself only took the city into millions of dollars of new debt. Here is a real chance to recover lost revenue. There are sure to be more Ashleys out there. Want to litter in Millenium Park?
And, also, when they are at it, the artists should reassess the creepy phallic shape of the entire park. Or maybe it is a watermelon?
The city should have told taxpayers they couldn't carve their name into the thing. The city should have explained that their connection to the goofy looking structure was to pay for it and that's it.

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