Thursday, February 5, 2009

Coup Successful in Illinois; Ex-Gov Moves On

Illinois pols successfully impeached Rod Blagojevich last week. Since that time, he has went on a national television tour appearing on The View, Larry King, Live, and David Letterman. Joy Behar, from the View show mussed his goofy hair. He pretty much incriminated himself on Larry King and by the time he reached David Letterman, he was a joke. Every statement he made they laughed at.

No one remembers what he did the day prior to being arrested. He was at the Republic Door and Window Co. sit-in in Chicago. Employees locked themselves in the workshop after getting fired and then not receiving severance or vacation pay previously agreed upon. Because Bank of America had terminated Republic Door and Window's line of credit, the real villain in the situation was Bank of America. In a black turtleneck and black leather jacket, Blagojevich proclaimed that since Bank of America, even after receiving billions of dollars in government bailout money, cut the line of credit and that the state of Illinois......would no longer do any business with B of A.

It would be safe to call B of A's business with the entire state of Illinois.....substantial. After this lofty announcement on Dec. 8, federal troops arrrested Blago in his pajamas at six in the morning Dec. 9. Special prosecutor Peter Fitzgerald's rant about personal character and chest-beating over "slam dunk" evidence made the case appear weak and peculiarly personal.

Next began the media assault on the man and his integrity. After repeated calls to just resign before a judgement of guilt, the Illinois legislature started proceedings to remove him from any decision-making process. His homeland security clearance was revoked. He was impeached. His wife was fired. They both are unemployed and their house is up for sale. Message= You better know what to do if you take on the Federal Reserve.

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