Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sleight of Hand

Obama is trying to slick and suave his way through every issue. His entranced followers are brilliantly misdirectedby a skilled orator. The end result has been a bold-faced lie. Many Obama supporters assumed he would win the peace and change direction with America's defense posture. By dangling the carrot of peace in Iraq in front of war-weary Americans' noses, he has cleverly diverted all the energy of the war machine into expanding the destruction in Afghanistan. What better distraction as American splinters into civil war?

Rarely do Obama's speeches differ from one to another. He faithfully promises each time more transparency- more opportunity for Americans to evaluate the red herrings offered up by.....the Administration themselves. Never mentioned is transparency of the Federal Reserve Board. It is likely little light will be shed upon the usage of the bailout money- at least not until after the chosen elite get to taste profit first.

More sinister, if that is possible, is the defense department's new policy of holding the budget under the shroud of secrecy. Recently, the CIA cited the American economy as a national security threat. Adding up these two bits of information can only mean one thing: significant funds are being devoted to measures of containing, arresting, and fighting disgruntled Americans as the Administration continues to cover up the giant lie of theft. Defense Secretary Gates and the Joint Chiefs have all been made to sign a confidentiality agreement Concerning the Defense budget. Why? Could it be to silence American patriots still remaining in the military? Or make it easier to identify the dissent when the guns, now abroad, start to turn to American cities?

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