Thursday, February 26, 2009

Homegrown Terror

Once again American intelligence is warning of terror attacks. This time the terrorists seem determined to strike inside a U.S. city similar to the Mumbai attacks in India. This scenario is when a group of heavily armed commandos wreak havoc all over the city killing everyone in sight until they are finally exterminated. In Mumbai it was suspected the terrorists had had specialized training and possibly funding from the Pakistani government.

Any critical thinker has to wonder if these are warnings or predictions. The intelligence community is well aware of the potential problems associated with the current economic collapse. They have cited the failing economy as a national security concern. Martial law is the objective or else they would have let the businesses fail. The economy will cause the establishment to completely lose control. It would be much easier if the powers who have failed so miserably to just abdicate. Using the media, forces are going back to the playbook to try and divide the people. This time pinpoint accuracy will prove difficult. Americans are just not going to bite on anything. Attempts have already been made by the mainstream media to start racial violence. The New York Post published a questionable political cartoon coinciding with the mulatto U.S. Atty. Gen. calling Americans "cowards" when it comes to discussing race were not accidental occurances. However, Americans could care less. Most are truly worried about the economy for the first time and starting to question economic authority.

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