Thursday, February 26, 2009

This Is Your Brain.......

Yesterday, Attorney General Eric Holder announced sweeping drug arrests in the ongoing war with Mexican traffickers along the Mexico/United States border. According to him and DEA Acting Administrator Michelle Leonhart, "Operation Xccelerator" has rounded up more than 750 drug traffickers. This operation is obviously working, according to Leonhart, because the price has risen dramatically and the purity of available drugs on the street has decreased. So, she claims, in a war that the United States has essentially created, law enforcement is now winning.

Leonhart is blind to the fact that the prohibition of the substances makes the market more enticing. It is a fallacy to think that law enforcement will be able to shut down these artificial market forces. In the 35 years since the inception of the DEA, the War on Drugs has become considerably worse. Leonhart believes that the price of drugs rising is a signal that more traffickers are disappearing. This theory completely discounts an inflated American currency. Also misconceived is the idea that increased risk will not discourage the bad guys from trying to make those profits.

Previous administrations both in Mexico and the United States have let the situation grow completely out of control. Mexican politicians and police are being threatened and murdered daily

Holder and the Obama Administration have far loftier plans for this blossoming conflict. With some much gray area surrounding this border conflict, civil liberites will be able to be thoroughly exploited as the U.S. fights "drug cartels." The Administration will use the DEA to investigate in Mexico and Canada citing special "partnerships" the nations enjoy. It is likely American and Mexican law enforcement will team up to fight the cartel further blurring the lines of soverignty of both nations. Holder also mentioned raids in Canada. Cooperation of law enforcement will strengthen ties needed to create a North American Union.

The growing violence at the southern border will likely provide the impetus to reinstitute the automatic weapons ban Obama talked about so often during the campaign for president. To think that this will keep automatic weapons from the cartel is beyond ludicrous as Mexican officials will continue to be murdered in cold blood.

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