Thursday, February 12, 2009

Have the 'Arrogant' Lost?

Some say the pendulum has finally swung. In a conversation with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated that he felt that 'world arrogance' had been defeated. Very familiar with these international bankster crooks, these two leaders have allied together in defense of the Fed's world takeover attempt. Though a variety of names cover their singular identity (World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Federal Reserve, European Union), the same international racketeers have plagued the world for years. Peace and self-determination have defined Ahmadinejad's speech in the last few years.

Will the Fed give up and run? If the Fed abdicated, the United States and the world would avoid economic meltdown. For this to happen, people will have to quickly gain mass consciousness. No longer will they be able to sit on the sidelines and hope the situation improves. The Fed with the assistance of government is trying to convince the people that they can fix the problem that they themselves have purposely created. The Fed encouraged the terrible lending practices that created the housing bubble just like they encouraged buying on margin in the 1920's.

Already, early on in Obama's 'historic' Presidency, candidates for Cabinet posts are jumping ship. Why would a politician- one who has spent his entire life in public service- suddenly deny an appointment to Obama's inner circle? Some of the politicians have received flak for not paying taxes. The 'didn't pay taxes' reason was convenient to drive home to the populace a couple of points. First, that failure to pay taxes is bad. And second, politicians are somehow not only allowed not to pay taxes- but large amounts.

But now, with the resignation by Judd Gregg for Commerce Secretary because of "irrevocable diffences" may be one the first signs of capitulation from people chosen to be in the elite. Gregg was up for Secretary of Commerce. That means our trade policy is so skewed and predjudiced, it lacks all reason and altruism. With the Stiumulus Package, government is trying to design human action to fail on purpose. Of course, claiming all the real wealth through a interest rate-manipulated currency the whole time. Nothing causes problems more effectively that meddling in the economy. For Judd Gregg, it turned out, appointment was just a "bridge too far" for him. An perfect analogy considering how many bridges the stimulus bill plans to build. As Commerce Secretary, Gregg planned to "shore up the financial system and revitalize the economy." Apparently his idea of "shoring up" the currency had nothing to do with printing an extra two trillion dollars.

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