Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Lincoln-Obama Fraud: Save the Union By Any Means Necessary

Obama has retraced the steps of Lincoln the Venerable all the way to Oval Office. He announced his candidacy from the same spot as Lincoln in Springfield. Prior to inauguration, he took the same train as Lincoln. Obama even used the same Bible as Lincoln for the oath of office (the first, public, and fraudulent oath; it is unknown to whom or what Obama pledged the second time). Obama is asked often about Lincoln and never hesitates to gush with reverence about Lincoln and his legacy. In fact, the vast majority of historians revere Lincoln and never critically explore Lincoln's questionable Presidential practices. It is a near impossibility to get a book critical of Lincoln's presidency published.

The ritualistic coincidences between Obama and Lincoln are not incidental. Obama, like Lincoln, will be faced with having to restore the Union. Like Lincoln, this restoration will probably be un-Constitutional and behind the barrel of a gun.

Why, you say, will he have to restore the Union? States are likely to secede when the dollar collapses. Dr. Ron Paul, in his recent address, predicted the next shoe to fall would be the dollar. Since four states have introduced a 'sound' money bill in their respective state legislatures, it is unlikely they will opt for the pain of using the legal tender. Instead, they will encourage their struggling citizens to make do as best as they can. Since humans can operate better and more freely without the 'aid' of the Federal Reserve, most will do just fine trading gold and silver.

Free trade, perhaps using media like gold and silver cannot be allowed by the Federal Reserve. This will mean loss of control of the money supply by the Fed. Obama, the shill of the New World Order, will use all the necessary means to 'preserve the union.' Like Lincoln, who took away state freedom in favor of the federal power, Obama most likely will be called upon to further 'emancipate' the people throguh a centralizing economic strategy into a consolidated one-world government.....,w-obama-lincoln021209.article

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