Friday, February 13, 2009

The Farmers' Rock and Hard Place

Small farmers are finding out just how much government meddling in the economy hurts. Because of price-fixing prejudice, natural market forces have warped dramatically forcing farmers to face facts about their business model. Fluctuating prices have made future planning risky- if not plain unfair. Small farmers are often unable to absorb the cost of unpredictability. The price of foodstuffs has dropped dramatically because of the national economic crisis. At the same time, input costs have risen, squeezing farmers out of the market.

Congress just passed a stimulus bill to throw more money at the problem of fluctuating prices. Is it time to get somebody else to take over the Fed's mantra of price stabilization? Many believe as do the Austrian school economists that shoring up the currency by means of a finite substance such as gold would be the finest remedy for the economy. Obama'a answer to this is to warn Americans to "not let the perfect be the enemy of the absolutely necessary." Economically speaking, nothing is 'absolutely necessary' to 'heal' an economy. the economy is a result of human action. Attempts to orchestrate where successes and failures will occur is foolishness and extremely arrogant. A fair and stable currency is the best way to minimize the need for government price fixing and to bind government's superfluous spending habits.

However, in a nationalized economy, fully centralized collective enclosures are the only way to force the people to participate in the artificially constructed economy. The farmers that cannot farm will be forced to sell their land. Witness the power grab by foreclosure. With complete control over the food industry, large corporate interests will be able to bring America to its knees.

Why would they want to do this? It seems it would be wise to give Americans a chance to contribute on a 'grow their own' food program. This would minimize the need for money at a time when the dollar's value is plummeting. Nothing makes more sense for Obama's alleged altruistic 'green' revolution. This would be a more immediate cure to apparent catastrophe- if the situation is as dire as the talking points claim. Instead of doling out welfare employment, people could prepare to have surplus foodstuffs to make it through the tough times awaiting. People can't eat power grids designed for wind and solar power. They can't eat hybrid cars. Broadband line, though enlightening and a wave of the future, cannot feed a family of four.

In a time when millions around the world are losing their job, Great Britain has created government jobs to document the food people eat. These food fascists will offer suggestions on how to eat healthier. People would probably eat healthier IF THEY HADN'T GOT LAID OFF!

Few understand the sinister forces behind market manipulation. Throughout America's short history, citizens have been increasingly excluded from agriculture, forced to rely on big business to put food on the table. In addition, many Americans do not know where their food comes from. Ask and some will say confidently, "Jewel."

Enter the Malthusians who believe in a carbon tax to 'save the environment'.......

Better stay home and do what you're told
Get out of the road if you want to grow old!!

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