Monday, February 9, 2009

Go Stimulus Yourself, Obama

Obama is scared. What is he going to do when the pep from the campaign pep rally fades away?

Concerning the economy, the Obama's Administration's line is to "urge that the perfect not be the enemy of the absolutely necessary." Arguments for sweeping monetary overhaul are immediately taken off the table. In fact, no discussion of the currency, the Fed, or the currency's depreciation will ever be willingly discussed by the Administration. The "shoring up" of the currency through sound money principles is never a topic for debate in Obama's cluster of economists. They all sing the same worn-out Keynesian tune. Print more money and redirect with predjudice who will make the future investments. The sound money principles of Texas Congressman Ron Paul will largely be drowned out and never discussed by all other members of Congress. Ron Paul is the only man brave enough to consider regulating the Federal Reserve- in fact, he wishes to abolish the Federal Reserve.

Obama has surrounded himself with the same cronies who have taken us down the road of corporate consolidation and world-wide thievery. The Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Club, and the International Monetary Fund are well-represented. Members of these powerful communities have made sure the vast majority of economists are Keyensian. Control of the debate is crucial to the conditioning of the American public. They are teaching the young Obama that the art of making the wrong argument is to never acknowledge debate that comes closest to the real solution.

Obama is trying to rewrite reality by using his persuasive hold over his blinded followers. On the edge of impending doom, Obama has encouraged his entranced supporters to be ready to "sacrifice" and serve. There are, he asserts, all respectable economists in agreement of the 'necessity' of the stimulus. Obama even jokes about it in his Feb. 5 press conference, "A stimulus is supposed to spend money!" he exclaimed sarcastically. This is classic intellectual bullying. These detractors, taxpayers who will foot the bill, Obama insinuates are crazy talkers and, really, should be peer pressured never to question anything. The only path is stimulus- everything else is catastrophe. You are either with us or against us.

Gee, I wonder where I heard that before?

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