Friday, February 6, 2009

Israel: The Little Bully

Israel is cocked and loaded to go after Iran. Amazingly, they are threatening U.S. President Obama to get tough- or else. Or else they will strike Iran pre-emptively to stop Iran's nuclear program.

Israel's relentless assault on the Palestinians in Gaza has been accepted by the American media and Administration as their right to defend themselves. The United States has vowed some sort of unconditional protection for Israel. No matter if Zionist settlers move further into Palestinian occupied territories, the U.S. will always demonize the Palestinians.

Reporters or world leaders who denounce Israel's actions are quickly cited as anti-Semitic. In the Western World, Israel is above reproach. Even as ponzi schemes involving Jews threaten to bring America's economy to its knees, the media is silent towards America's unconditional support of unwarranted aggression.

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