Tuesday, August 26, 2014

On Used Vegetable Oil and Arbitrary Law

"Suffering by nature or chance never seems so painful as suffering inflicted on us from the arbitrary will of another."

-Arthur Schopenhauer

French Fries at a burger joint get fried up in vegetable oil 

 Up until a few years ago, restauranteurs needed to pay someone to haul away their used vegetable cooking oils.  It was considered garbage-  even worse, there was a cost associated with its removal.  Since American corporations dedicated themselves to the non-diesel internal combustion engine, there has been no correlation between a restaurant's used cooking oil and compatible diesel fuel.  This situation has changed dramatically in the last ten years.

Though vehicles began converting diesel engines into vegetable-oil-runners as early as the 1970's, the situation in America has been tightly controlled by the large automakers and oil companies for obvious reasons-  their insatiable greed being first and foremost.  Automakers and oil companies are not very interested in safe environmental practices or providing the best product to the consumer.  What they are interested in is profits.  That is why many times their products fail or are recalled.  The planned obsolescence of products insures them to continue to make money even as the world is glutted with automobiles.

Today, there are a lot of states scrambling to control the used vegetable oil industry.  North Carolina has a new proposed law to treat stealing vegetable oil like any other theft.  Take it from master thief Chris Holden, Assemblyman from Pasadena, California, "It used to be restaurants had to pay someone to take it away," Holden said in a news release. "Now it's like the Wild West out there -- everybody's fighting over it and we need to get a better handle on regulations."  One can imagine the profits that have been made, considering the used oil was a garbage cost and then people were using it to make a profit.    

Government agents, lackeys and bootlickers of the large corporations, would like people to believe the public is at risk and will be safer with their oversight.  This ruse is used over and over again by these greedy bastards to continue squeezing the people into submission.  If there is money to be made- the government wants to steal and monopolize it.  If life is merely being made easier, their jealousy overrides reason and they use arbitrary law as a weapon.   

One glaring example of this vindictive jealousy can be found in the Virgin Islands.  One greedy puppet senator, Sammuel Sanes, decided to step in and exact tribute for the practice.  Sanes said he began working on the bill after he realized that there are people who had been collecting used cooking oil from different places for years so that it could be used to run generators and for fuel and other purposes and because of the lack of proper regulations in place, DPNR officials called for a halt to the practice.              

Recently, in New York, a couple was charged with theft for "stealing oil."  Another couple plans to travel the world using vegetable oil.  The couple gets the oil from local restaurants or "whoever will give it to us, really," Abbiss said.  So they get the oil and refine it themselves without an Assemblyman or a Senator regulating them or charging them for it.  Wow.

 "Arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of liberty abused to licentiousness."

-George Washington

Arbitrary (ahr-bi-trer-ee)-  In an unreasonable manner, as fixed or done capriciously or at pleasure.  Without adequate determining principle; not founded in the nature of things; non rational; not done or acting according to reason or judgment; depending on the will alone; absolutely in power; capriciously; tyrannical; despotic; without fair, solid, and substantial cause; that is, without cause based upon the law; not governed by any fixed rules or standard.  Willful and unreasoning action, without consideration and regard for facts and circumstances presented.  Ordinarily, "arbitrary is synonymous with bad faith or failure to exercise honest judgment and an arbitrary act would be one performed without adequate determination of principle and one not found in nature of things.

-from Black's Law Dictionary

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