Friday, August 29, 2014

It's A Sicilian Message...


"Three things cannot long be hidden:  the Sun, the Moon, and the Truth."

This week the ex-director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation suffered a horrific car crash.  Louis Freeh had been the head of the F.B.I from September 1993 until June 2001.  Most recently, Louis Freeh had been appointed lead investigator for the Sandusky-global-pedophile ring.  The previous investigator, District Attorney Ray Gricar, completely disappeared.  Gricar's laptop and hard drive was found in the Susquehanna River and were useless because of the water damage.

The Pee-Pee Touching Mafia may not have been the only group wanting Freeh dead.  Numerous patriot groups as well as the Clinton political family have had run-ins over the years with Freeh and the power brokers behind him.  It is impossible to say for sure, but as the whole political and economic world seems to be imploding, his car crash on a rural road seems strangely coincidental.  Today, Freeh remains hospitalized and under armed guard.

Within the last two years especially, "suicides" in the banking world have escalated dramatically.  There have been so many, the media cannot follow all the investigations.  The casual observer would surmise that investigators have come to the conclusion that bankers usually like to jump off of buildings when they commit suicide.

Mortality is something every human being must face.  When considering the evidence, however, of how people pass away and when, certainly some deaths are more curious than others.  Perhaps it is because of the fame and fortunes of others are wrapped up in the deceased person's lives.  Actor Randy Quaid sure thinks so.  Back in 2010, he and his wife fled to Canada to escape people he dubbed as "Star Whackers."  Quaid claims they kill a person, usually a singer or actor and make it look like a drug overdose or suicide.  

"I am being embezzled by a monstrous ring of accountants, estate planners, and lawyers who are mercilessly slandering me and trying to kill my career and, I believe, murder me in order to gain control of my royalties."

-Randy Quaid 

 Also, this week, people watched as 81-year-old Joan Rivers was put into a coma following surgery just before this coming Labor Day weekend.  Eighty years is a long time to live and surely health problems are more probable for the elderly.  However, a quick flashback to this Fourth of July, sheds a different light on Rivers' misfortune. 

 The matter-of-fact way she said it was clearly not a joke.  She was serious.  Michelle Obama is actually a man disguised as a woman? Those comments were on July 4th of 2014.  Rivers was in a coma by Labor Day of the same year.  

Clearly, the bonds (the PetroDollar) that have held so many criminal elements together are weakening.  Like everybody else, The National Pulse can only watch as events unfold..... 



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