Friday, February 7, 2014

The Sedentary Museum of Death


It is common knowledge that if an object sits on the ground for a long period of time it will leave a mark.  Often the grass will be worn down and die, and life will end on that spot until the object is moved and the spot has time to rejuvenate itself.  In the case of buildings and concrete, often those spots of earth are lost long into the foreseeable future as the resources to restore the earth to its natural state are too great.  In this way, "civilization" has spread out all over building concrete cities and killing everything along the way.        

"Not all those who wander are lost."

-J.R.R. Tolkien

The grandeur of permanence that once captured the eyes and hearts of so many is fading fast.  From bases of permanence, marking the Earth forever with the wear and tear of sedentary garbage, the "masters" have tried to control everybody and everything.  If they be unable to destroy it outright, they claim authority to protect it, and destroy it slowly.  As they make a name for themselves, one thing is for certain-  little, if anything can be left to its own devices without the strictest of oversight.    
Bedouin tent made of goat hair

"It is legal because I wish it."

-Louis XIV

It is tough to say how long the war on nomadic life has been raging.  Rulers, who need others to do for them, have been lashing out at nomadic peoples for at least 1000 years.  Today, the world is basically a museum to the sedentary lifestyle.  In the meantime,the natural world has been destroyed by kings and their brain-dead, cowardly courtiers and subjects who laugh at independent thought and applaud its persecution.  Everyone has been trained to do as the "king" does; sit on their fat ass in one place.  And, of course, pay taxes and curtsy when instructed. 

the stiff, unnatural, slave-built gardens of Versailles, in France
In the past twenty years, this assault has intensified considerably with Agenda 21.   The mask has come off and revealed the true goal is to kill most people-  whether you curtsy to the queen or not.  Satan's minion George Bush, Sr. infamously proclaimed in 1991 what their plan was-  to govern everything; even subverting the laws of nature.   

Why must some men need to control other men?

This question is no doubt an old one since meddling in the affairs of others is as old as humanity itself.  Since then rulers have championed all sorts of causes disguised as charity.  The ends of these socialistic pogroms is all that matters, however, and is usually defined by less individual freedom and more poverty after the pogrom is finished.  True social charity is always found in nomadic groups because without it, they wouldn't be a group, they would split up.  

It is no wonder Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, member of the highest court in the professed freest country on Earth, told law students they are "kidding themselves" if they think concentration camps will never happen again.  Being the "wise" justice that he is, Scalia knows probably better than most the sadistic nature and depth of greedy jealousy of those at the top and realizes they would rather kill everything than let life be free.  And he is such a coward that he not dare declare how wrong that notion is nor who is to blame.  Scalia is obviously happy with the role his master has provided for him and most likely will chuckle as his words come to fruition.  Scalia is like a lot of people, fully content as a slave, satisfied to be given chores, to be able to sit on their fat ass, happy with the phony, inorganic prison constructed for them.      

Mongolian Nomadic village


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