Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Forward Operating Outposts and Traitors

"All the tribes tell the same story.  They are surrounded on all sides; the game have been driven away; they are left to starve, and there remains one thing left for them to do-  fight while they still can."

-General George Crook, a.k.a. "Three Stars", United States Cavalry 

The United States has served its purpose for the diabolical world elite through its construction of military bases from which to attack, disperse, and systematically control the enemy.  Whether it be on the U.S. mainland or some unfortunate foreign land, the native peoples in these places have had to endure constant encroachment.  Often, the outpost begins as not only as a forward-operating base of military operations, but as a trading post where welfare items are given away to entice the naive natives to turn on their own people.  This strategy has proved effective; if indeed, the object of the game is to establish as many forts as possible while taking freedom of native peoples away, simultaneously.             

As the European-Americans surged westward, they did so through the use of outpost forts.  Military installations were a necessity, as the native inhabitants frowned upon unruly guests trashing the countryside.  Forts were constructed in systematic fashion, pushing as far west as safety would allow.

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Two steps forward and one step back always gets a person across the room- albeit slowly.  Life today is not unlike the American Indian Wars (1492-1890).  Government installations have not only absorbed a lot of land, most of the government posts are on choice properties-  near water, on high ground.

Fort Laramie, Laramie, Wyoming
21st century forts offer better amenities.  In Iraq and Afghanistan, America's favorite counterfeiters, the Federal Reserve, provided enough paper money to build military installations all over the countries.  These modern bases have all the modern amenities-  swimming pools, basketball courts, Taco Bell, and Subway.

the pool at the British Air Force base, Balad, Iraq  
the wrestling room at Forward Operating Base Salerno, Afghanistan

you can "Have It Your Way" at Kandahar Air Force base, Afghanistan
Pizza Hut, Camp Bastion, Iraq- $9 pizzas 
“No one plays straight here.” 

-Third Country National-  foreign concessions manager with 6 years experience speaking to Sarah Stillman of The New Yorker 

There certainly is no honor among thieves and such is the case with the slave labor employed by the U.S. Military.  Like the Indian scouts of yesteryear, Third Country Nationals serve the conquering armies for low pay and even lower respect from the armies they serve.  Now that the national army in Iraq is elsewhere, private military contractors have taken the lead in the war against the insurgency.

"The military task has, in fact, been outsourced in Iraq."

-Steven Schooner, professor, George Washington University

The zero hour has arrived for the New World Order political and military hacks who have feverishly destroyed the world for hundreds of years.  Too bad for them they do not have another man like George Crook to run the insurgents down slowly and steadily; personally, from the back of a mule.            

"Crook recognized, as every one recognized who ever had any practical experience in the country, that a white man’s strength and sagacity were no match for the cunning of savages who had been running about in these hills and mountains since childhood. Unless the fullest use were made of scouts to the manner born, thoroughly posted in the minutest details of the country, able to detect the slightest mark on the trail and to interpret it correctly—in short, unless savage should be pitted against savage, the white man would be outwitted, exhausted, circumvented, possibly ambuscaded and destroyed."

Today in Iraq and Afghanistan, there are not enough traitors or enough welfare to make new traitors.  Despite all the constructing of military installations, the house-to-house raids, and the large scale invasions, and all the monetary gifts to warlords, all has been lost to natives.  The game is up, the lies exposed, and despite all the bases from which to attack, those bases are soon to find themselves surrounded by the people who live there permanently.  

The native peoples are not on a military mission.  Caring for their families, it is near impossible to wage the "total war" which is the occupation of the career soldier.  Unrelenting, non-stop war ultimately is victorious.  However, today we can look back in sober retrospect and declare total war to be a glaring social failure as the counterfeiting force behind the war machine is about to render their notes useless.

 “My friend, I have come to surrender my people, because you have too many copper cartridges. I want to be your friend; I want my women and children to be able to sleep at night, and to make fires to cook their food without bringing your troops down upon us. We are not afraid of the Americans alone, but we cannot fight you and our own people together.”

-Buckskin Hat, Apache Warrior, speaking to George Crook, April, 1873      


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