Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Friday?

"Everything's fine today, that is our illusion."


During the Chicago Teachers' Union strike last week, the corporate media worked hard to drum up support for the establishment side, with their draconian reforms for the public school system.  Not a day went by without the media interviewing a disgruntled parent that had to make special arrangements for their child while they went off to eke out a living at the Federal Reserve's shrinking trough.  Had the teachers not agreed to go back to work this past Wednesday, it is a safe bet, the corporate media hacks would have engaged in an all-out assault of teacher demonization. 

Today the kids are back in school.  From eight to three, they'll sit there and learn nothing that will be of use to them in a world where power, privilege, and prestige are arbitrarily given out on the basis of race, ignorance, and sycophantic loyalty.  From the corporate elite's perspective, this is satisfactory-  At least everyone will still be running on their own individual hamster wheel instead of trying to crack the case about how badly they have been misled.  As in times past, as long as the people stupidly keep looking up their own ass trying to eke out a living in a made-up game, they'll be easy to rob; over and over again. 

The whole world is on edge because of central banking tyranny.  Nations are posturing for war.   And to some extent, again, the seemingly failing economic powers want to stay ahead of the inevitable change, ride the crest of the wave of revolution, thereby ascending once again on a throne above all of humanity. 

This strategy takes different forms and shapes around the world but the tactics are predictable.  The economic powers are using all of their weapons to try an provoke, as Tony Cartalucci call it, "A Clash of Civilizations."  The details are less important than the overall aim which is confusion, fear, hatred, and panic. 

That is why people need to rationally decide to do less and less as panicked officials try to employ more and more austerity.  Less patronage of the system is the only way to stop its tyranny.  Without the important cogs, the machine will eventually grind to a halt.

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