Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lergalized Terror Performed By Economic and Political Warlords

ter·ror·ism/ˈterəˌrizəm  n.  The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. 
Nobody terrorizes like the British Government, its U.S. Administration, Israel, and the NATO war machine. 
Currently, representatives from these entities are the leaders in terror.  Their empire reaches to the far ends of the Earth.  Very few entities remain that are not influenced in some way by their greed or bloodlust.  Corporate media, funded by the fiat dollar, cheerleads for their imposed tyranny while demonizing dissent and stunting any attempt at reform.  So thorough is their terror, it has been necessary for them to create phony groups to continue their agenda against free humanity.  Phony "terror" groups, like Al Quaeda, justify rampant the money printing necessary to maintain a globally-supreme war machine.  In this corporate terror scheme, the big winners are the bankers, weapons makers, and mercenaries; the big losers are the people. 

It has taken the established social order many decades and many generations to build the necessary myths and dispel old truths that previously had guarded against egregious assaults by the economically and politically powerful over the people.  Unfortunately for the tyrants and war mongerers, ideas have survived even the harshest eras of stifled expression.  No matter how much legal-ese, government-sponsored education, or physical government terror, people who want to be free have made it a point to find out the truth, to inquire about it, research it, and then practice their freedom regardless of the consequences.  

With the fiat money-printing game reaching its inflationary end, and because even the most brainwashed, brain-dead people are now questioning the Empire's tyrannic authority, it is not surprising that one of the Empire's domestic attack dogs, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), has decided to unleash an assault on their most brazen enemy-  free people.  Sovereign citizens believe the U.S. has been bankrupt when FDR took them off the gold standard and they are correct in their thinking.  Federal Reserve debt notes are not money-  only gold and silver are money.  With no more bailouts to be taken, the New World Order has got to put in overdrive their eugenic vaccination programs, cashless society, and police state inhabited by frightened snitches.  Because wildfires of truth are breaking out all over what is left of their tyrannic Empire, the FBI has probably been told to attack.     

In this race against the time when the fiat money system destroys itself, will pervasive ignorance allow "law enforcement" agencies to prosecute people as in the 90's when government agents murdered people in Waco and Ruby Ridge?  Will people, bombarded by the corrupt media with fear propaganda, side with corporate tyrants against their brothers and sisters?  Will law enforcement continue to stand by and abet the crime of robo-signing? Each day that goes by without the truth trumpeted or real reform beginning to be undertaken, more people become disillusioned with the legal racketeers and their strong men in stickered costumes, laden with militarized weaponry.  

A tent belonging to an "Occupy Washington, D.C"
The henchmen of empire care little for justice.  They are clearly on a "team" competing against anyone challenging their monopoly of dictatorial jurisdiction.  To these people, it doesn't matter how many people are thrown from their homes fraudulently.  They figure it has to be done to keep their stupid job.  They don't even care about banks and government agencies supplying drug cartels with weapons in order to kill their colleagues and subvert the second amendment.  Right and wrong are not priority; a full belly and how their corporate money masters define their missions is a priority.  The unwillingness and/or inability for law enforcement to stand up to this tyranny has created a super structure of armed bureacrats aimed at quashing any attempts at dissent or freedom.  


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