Friday, February 3, 2012

"Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence."

-  John Adams

The remains of the city-owned Gresham Building,
79th and Halsted, Chicago

Yesterday a building collapsed on the south side of Chicago injuring four people.  The Gresham Building, at 79th and Halsted, was constructed in the 1880's.  Fire Commissioner Robert Hoff said, "When you see a tree growing through the roof of a building, that means the roof structure is deteriorated and, through the winters, it’s probably gotten frost and cold in there and it’s eaten away at the mortar and that’s why it’s loosened that fascia and that terracotta on the front.”   Who could have let a treasure like that fall into such disrepair?   Because this building was owned by the city, this collapse is symptomatic of the problems faced by people forced to live with a totalitarian government.  In this paradigm, where humans can only steward the land as tenants and government can own land, society is bound to stagnate, rot, and turn into a very colorless, empty place to live.   
The ruling powers recognize their days are numbered unless they can find a way to convince people that their leash is better than people's freedom.   Today, the United States owns almost 650 million acres of land-  nearly 30% of its territory.  At a time when many Americans are underwater on the mortgage, have been evicted from their homes, or are struggling to make the mortgage payment every month, why wouldn't government inject a dose of opportunity and drop the prices of the land they "own" and sell it to Americans?  Because it is about control, not developing prosperity. 

The very essence of their Hammurabian law; where the tables tilt only toward the state, is at stake, and with it, their modern-day New World Order.  To this end, the ruthless powers hoping to further their control, will not quit and continue to punish those who defy their authority with the harshest of penalties.  Sovereign citizens have been jailed, tax protesters are jailed, and the war machine rolls on and on.  In the worst cases of economic insubordination, sovereign leaders of countries are bombed into submission by NATO and their leaders caught ragged in the street, tortured and executed.  

This sort of control cannot be accomplished without a mob of ignorant serfs.  These are the people that continue to believe the lies.  These are people who have been intimidated by the state all their lives and intellectually cannot handle the prospect of any sort of nefarious agenda being done to them by those more powerful in the current structure than they are.   

2012 will be characterized by people who will leave this group and join what will be the winning side.  The people cannot be defeated.  The arrogance of the powers in charge of the global financial, legal, and ecclesiastical systems will be defeated whether they like it or not.  No amount of government terror or war can change the movement of people towards freedom.    

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