Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Meanderings From The Road To Fascism


"The danger for the world is that the political leadership is overwhelmed.  Maybe what we have here is a kind of burnout."

If no one is held accountable for anything by the people, there can be no political solution.  If there are little changes in policy but only changes in personnel pre-approved by the corporate overlords; there will be no solution.  Because the criminals engineering this mess know they are at a critical juncture, they are using all of their operatives to distract, distort, and trick people into accepting new administrators of their phony paper game based on their hoax of authority.  Therefore, if so-and-so loses or so-in-so wins in the corporate popularity contest, the situation will not change if the war machine marches on continuing its world destruction.  If the Federal Reserve continues to lend money to the U.S. Treasury at interest, the illusory debt will never be paid.  If there aren't clear changes, in some cases 180 degree reversals, in policy, there can be no political solution.  As John Kennedy warned, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.

Obama's State of the Union address was typical of the colored corporate servant Obama.  The economic elite, after engineering financial collapse and using political manipulation to pull the world's population in, want to shift gears into a full-blown fascist state.  Since the Federal Reserve can print any amount of money they want in secret or openly, and pass it out to their friends, they know people are in trouble, they created the circumstances, and abetted the theft.  Under the guise that the collapse was accidental, their plan is to remake the economy into a totally planned, fascistic police state that utilizes RFID technology to track peoples' every move.  In this scheme, corporations will control human life from cradle to grave; dictating everything that is permissible and what is not.  This contrived mantra sounds like this: "Free currencies and capitalism resulted in the creating the too-big-to-fail banks and corporation.  We had to save them and did.  Our new shit will make sure this never happens again."

To understand what this might look like in all its evil glory, Rahm Emanuel's Chicago is planning to try it out using the community college system.  For example, Malcolm X College, on the Chicago's west side, will be a specialized school for medical personnel.  Not doctors, exactly, but nurses and other personnel.  Abbott Laboratories, Allscripts, Walgreens, Rush University Medical Center, and Northwestern Memorial Hospital will run the curriculum top fill their employment vacancies with students specifically trained to suit the needs of Big Pharma and the medical industrial complex.  If a person really wants and needs a job, they will have to comply with Walgreens' vaccine-pushing agenda.  Fascism makes slave production and dissent crushing infinitely easier.

What can stop this ever-threatening cloud of tyranny from consuming the world?  Some people think they can change the game by voting.          

Often, candidates or other public figures will come forward with many points that seem like the truth.  It seems like everything they say is pretty close to the truth.  The fascist powers in the banking system and corporate media understand that a segment of the population is going to find out much of the truth anyway, so it is in their benefit to co-opt and control the lion's share of the opposition.  This little gambit makes it easy to dash peoples' hopes when people perceive themselves to be in the minority, always on the 'losing,' 'kooky,' or 'conspiratorial' side. 

The most important thing is to think for yourself.  The powers that be refuse to give an inch to compromise and neither should you.  Just because the world has its head up its ass when it comes to the truth doesn't mean you should make concessions, thereby changing your entire platform.  These crucial treacheries are the cunning products of skilled gatekeepers that lurk within the system.  Though outward appearances would place them on the fringe or even outside the inner cabals, their opposition only goes so far, and ultimately the most crucial parts of the tyranny would still remain in place under their proposals.  


That is why it is important to be your own leader and use your own brain to decide what is best.  There will be no saviors within the current system. 

Ron Paul says a lot of great thing about foreign and monetary policy.  The elder Paul stops short, though, of implicating the government or Israel in the attacks of 9/11 even though there is ample evidence of explosives planted in the towers, Israeli operatives in country to document the attack, and major profits made off stock options.  Again, if mentioning these things make someone unelectable, fuck the election process.

The younger Paul is far less confrontational with the established order, especially big business, than the elder Paul.  To get himself elected he refused to support the legalization of marijuana-  the linchpin of the police state.  In his response to the State of the Union, Paul stated that Obama and Americans should, "Be proud of the system and embrace what we know works (creation of jobs by the free market)."  Does he want the Fed to print more money?  Should we have another boom cycle and arrest all the pot smokers and put them in for-profit prisons?  Should we keep going now that too big to fail was given a bailout and everybody else is broke?  Anarchy is far better than perpetuating the "game." 

Nobody should be proud of the war machine, the police state, of the millions of Americans thrown into poverty because of the corporate warfare/welfare state, the rigged election process, and the Federal Reserve's irresponsible money printing.  

Be your own man and accept the reality-  THEY WILL NEVER LET A REAL CANDIDATE WIN much less stand toe-to-toe against Obama's dumb ass in a debate.                      


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