Friday, January 27, 2012

Fixed, Rigged, Scripted, Unexciting, Deadly

"People need to remember we are in a credit crisis.  The world has lived beyond its means.  At least the Western world has lived beyond its means for twenty years.  And what the political class is desperately trying to do is keep that lie together.  The lie being that you get richer by spending, not by working and saving. Understanding the contradiction in that lie is very important in terms of protecting ones own standard of living, while the standard of living of the society around you declines.  So these will be truly interesting times, Eric."

-  Rick Rule, investor, to Eric King of King World News

The giant lie has pervaded nearly every aspect of society.  At all costs those directly involved, or those too scared to imagine an alternative to being beholden to an illusory debt, have perpetuated the problem and aided and abetted in their own enslavement. 

It is easy to see why Sanortum, Romney, and Gingrich are still running in the Presidential primary race.  They have a lot at stake.  Mitt Romney makes nearly $58,000 a day from "investments" he made in the past.  If someone were to challenge the Federal Reserve and their counterfeiting machine, he would stand to lose a lot of scratch.  

All the candidates support Israel's wanton aggression.  Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum prostrate themselves before the Star of David and pledge Americans blood and treasure with relish.  Ron Paul offers little or no condemnation of Israel's aggression, war-mongering, or arsenal of nuclear weapons which threaten world security.  This amounts to covert support-  Were Israel to brazenly attack Iran, a President Paul would be forced to sign a Congressional Declaration of War since all of Congress openly sucks the teets of the agressive Jewish country.  Besides, the corporate media has told you Ron Paul will not win, and only the naive, those who have never heard of Diebold voting machines, believe Paul can win a rigged game.  Therefore, there is very little hope of any sort of re-direction for America within the current system.       
Scripted professional wrestling offers more suspense than the U.S. political dog-and-pony-show.  At least faces are faces and heels are heels in pro wrestling.  They are overtly hateable, rarely lie, and are entertaining.  Today's political wrangling is deceptive and ultimately, depressing because the right path can never be found because some will do everything in their power to prevent true reform.

Irwin R. Shyster, I.R.S. (left) and Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase (right) together comprised the Million Dollar Corporation.  Together with other  bribe-accepting members, I.R.S terrorized the World Wrestling Federation with his special finishing moves, The Stock Market Crash (Standing Samoan Drop), The Penalty (Stepover Toehold Facelock), and The Write Off (Flying Clothesline).  DiBiase put people to sleep with The Million Dollar Dream (Cobra Clutch).  Though they were the Million Dollar Corporation, it is unlikely either of them made $58,000 per day.


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