Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quotes of the Week By the Masters of War, Finance, and Religion

“Not a single U.S. troop was on the ground, not a single U.S. troop was killed or injured, and that, I think, is a recipe for success in the future.”

-Barack Obama on the relentless bombing of Libya by NATO, which he called a "recipe for success"; from the Jay Leno show, broadcast Oct. 25, 2001 

News source, Cryptogon, remarked painfully and sarcastically that Obama's recipe for success looks and sounds like a child with the lower half of his face blown off.  Next time a government official offers "humanitarian" protection from one or more boogeymen, understand that their "protection" will destroy every building, shatter every window, and vacate urban areas that had previously housed hundreds of thousands of human beings (article).

“I, like you, get a little incensed when you think about how much good all of you do, whether it's volunteer hours, charitable giving we do, serving clients and customers well.  (To the bank's critics) You ought to think a little about that before you start yelling at us.”

-  Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan bemoaning his lack of popularity with the world; at a global conference at the bank's Charlotte, North Carolina headquarters

Moynihan says he's disgusted at your disgust 
All critics should take Moynihan seriously.  Because "he said so" is really all the authority Bank of America needs to unleash all sorts of hell on a person.  What about the bank's compassionate program to provide "Cash for Keys?"  Bank of America will allow a person underwater on their mortgage to stay in their house, even though B of A doesn't own the property either.
And if as a government official, you want to criticize Bank of America to a point that might cause the entire financial house of cards to fall, think about Rod Blagojevich a little.  He ended all business with the bank and the state of Illinois, only to be arrested the next day at dawn at his home, in his underwear.  Something like that, from a sitting governor of a sovereign state might cause a CEO of a predatory bank to get "a little incensed."

"Nonetheless, it should be reiterated that the process of globalisation with its positive aspects is at the root of the world economy's great development in the twentieth century."

Want to sit on Santa's lap?

-  from the Vatican's latest call for a New World Order, a central world governing authority run by the current criminals in power; TOWARDS REFORMING THE INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL AND MONETARY SYSTEMS IN THE CONTEXT OF GLOBAL PUBLIC AUTHORITY

Did the Vatican just say there were "positive aspects" to economic globalization?  Inexplicably, even though the world is immersed in war and economic equality is at levels the likes of which have never been seen, the leading ecclesiastical organization of the world decided to once again show their support for global government run by a singular authority.  Even though the Vatican is immersed with their own problems like stealing 300,000 babies from poor and single mothers in Spain and other Catholic countries, the Vatican decided to give some advice on banking.  As if there aren't enough snake oil salesman calling for world government as the banking interests purposefully strangle credit lines and monetary freedom.  Isn't that what PowerPoint presenter/scientist Al Gore makes headlines for?     
"We came, we saw, he died." 

-U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gleefully gloated at the capture, torture, and murder of Libya's Muammar Gadaffi

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