Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Poorest Provide Fodder for the New World Order

"There will be transitional national counsels imposed upon you and one by one you shall fall."

-Muammar Gaddafi, from Oct. 6, 2011, addressing the Libyan people, encouraging them to keep resisting against NATO-installed puppet government administrations like Libya's illegitimate TNC   

Libya's Transitional Council (TNC), with its new central bank and oil company, are setting out to make a name for themselves.  For many of the ragamuffin soldiers, this is their chance to be famous, wealthy, and if you ask them, have their own country.  Right now, they are feeling like they will make their own laws; NATO probably even promised them as much.  This group is largely comprised of third country nationals, or TCNs, as they are known in war zones where they provide logistics for The U.S. and NATO's war machine.  This past June, the New Yorker magazine ran a multi-page article about all the Nepalese, Indian, and the myriad of other nationals, recruited by corporations to cut the hair, cook the food, and provide for all the needs for an army to be an occupying military force.

After NATO bombs ruined the buildings of Sirte and flooded the streets with ruptured water mains, NATO let their pets loose to catch Gadaffi.  They proceeded to summarily kill Gadaffi after torturing him, and then inhumanely refused to hand his body over to his family.  Basking in their glory, the new government naively talked about instituting Sharia Law and forbidding usury on loans In their giddiness, they clearly forgot who is running the show.  NATO's freeing of Libya had nothing to do with helping these rag-tag rebels (some who formerly fought with Al Quaeda) have their "own" country.  NATO's goal had everything to do with preservation of their control of the world's monetary system which was threatened by Gadaffi, his enormous proven oil reserves, and 144 tons of gold.  Besides, the race for Libyan oil has been going on all along, even when the rebels were still on the back of pickup trucks waiting for their NATO master to give the "all-clear" to storm a hamlet. 

Pawns and mercenaries have had a role in every war in history.  Kings and governments have sent them to the front lines to do their dirty work, only to be discarded like used dish rags when the desired goal is attained.  Promises of future wealth in Libya, brought forth the emotion necessary for conquering imperialism, certainly no longer craved by America's appetite, in this last stage of depraved, decadent empire.      

America refers to her home-grown pawns as first-country "free" men.  This is a most robust lie.  Free men don't pay tax.   The U.S. military only pays its soldiers slightly more than a third country national in their inflatable paper debt notes.  With the economy being strangled by the privately-owned Federal Reserve, today's military has been forced to accept almost all enlistees.  According to the F.B.I., street gangs have penetrated every branch of the military.  Wars of aggression do not only attract the most patriotic.  It also attracts the poor and opportunistic forced to grow up in a culture that worships material wealth as a virtue.  Few soldiers have questioned standard operating procedures in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Perhaps that is why suicide has killed more soldiers than battle in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.    

Gadaffi claimed in his will, that toward the end, either before or during the war, the evil New World Order forces offered him a deal by which he could keep his life if only he would surrender Libya's riches.

Because neither the illegal wars, nor the financial collapse, or the newly formed "Occupied" protests were created by accident, we all will have similar questions put to us by the same economic terrorists when our time comes.       


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