Monday, September 19, 2011

On Financial Reform, White Knights, and Ron Paul

Lately, there has been much talk about which direction the world financial system will turn.  Certainly, for the weak-willed or naive-hearted, it is comforting to believe there is a white knight or group of powerful elite peers, who have found out the diabolical nature of the evil eugenic plan for humanity and have determined they must stop the madness and restore economic freedom.  Because it is painful to believe there are some people willing to sacrifice 90% of humanity just to see themselves and their progeny at the top of the financial sphere, it is quite natural to seek any bit of good news as a defeat for the evil imperialists pushing the action.  For generations weaned on television and feel-good Saturday matinees, the story couldn't possibly end without evil being defeated and punished.

Since most people see the need to be governed by authority higher then themselves, many are on the look-out for a savior.  Blind to the true nature of their own economic shackles, these people actually root for Bernanke as if 'ol Ben is really trying to implement policies that would help everybody achieve prosperity.  Anarchy terrifies them, even though government tyranny is has done untold damage to the world.

Errol Flynn in Robin Hood

Like the story of Robin Hood, the archer who lived with his merry band of men in the forest, the story of the world economic collapse will not be complete until the equivalent of Richard the Lion-Hearted comes back from the Crusades and rules much better, more justly, and kinder than the tyrant before him.  This is a fallacy, however, meant to confuse, provide false hope, and distract people from what they should be doing to remove all false authority from guiding people to their own demise through eugenic pogroms.       

Benjamin Fulford, the self-proclaimed spokesman of the White Dragon Society, claims that 57 countries met in Monaco (The Meeting of the 57, the Monaco Colloquium), and decided the fate of the economic world.  They excluded some leaders; the bad seeds.  Fulford's point is for people to relax because the "good elites" have taken the helm and will rule everyone the proper way.  As the doorman of the Monaco Colloquium allegedly told Sen. Jay Rockefeller at the entrance, "The Old World Order is out and a New World Order is about to begin."  Fulford must think everybody needs a patriarch, a Big Brother, dictating their affairs and telling them what the price of rare metals should be. 

We don't need any more leaders. 

This includes Ron Paul, the kind-hearted Representative from Texas, who has held the same message about sound money and American isolationism for over 30 years in office.  The tyrants must give everyone in the audience a flavor, someone to keep everyone's faith in a terribly broken, illegitimate, fixed system.  Ron Paul is an acquired taste for the slightly more intelligent viewer wondering how America got hijacked by corporate statists and the military industrial complex.  Unfortunately, though Paul is the champion of straw polls,  he will never be allowed to win a general Presidential election, which are all fixed.  The illusion, that Paul is bucking the system, is only to allow the elite to control the message, identify enemies, and retaliate with tyrannical measures.  Therefore, they let an elderly man talk about sound money and bringing the troops home.  Ultimately, they want to let Ron Paul and his ideas in the discussion so they can arrange heartbreaking defeat. 

All a person can do is read more history, harden his heart, and move away from the feudal oligarchs that wish to control all aspects of life.  If the answer were as easy as electing the right ruler, the elites wouldn't have had to murder as many dissenters as they have.  The revolution, when it happens, will be leaderless.


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