Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Bailout and The Money Faucet

"A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers."

-Plato (Philosopher, 427 BC-347 BC)

It is always important for people to remember what happened to the financial system.  Otherwise, it would be easy to accept the corporate media biased reasons-  bad luck, unfortunate loans, disasters, or greedy speculators caused the economy to slump.  It would be easy, albeit extremely naive, to confuse the elite's interest in repairing the damage with goodwill instead of heartless theft.  This would be wrong to do because from the start, the economic collapse has been engineered by expert white-collar terrorists.  Their relentless pursuit to enslave humanity with eugenic pogroms of destruction is losing; being defeated everyday.  However, without the proper understanding of their fore-knowledge, it is difficult for people to understand the true nature of the zero-sum game. 

Before the "credit crisis" of 2008, economic terrorists from the International Monetary Fund, those with no true allegiance to any nation of the world (save maybe Israel), performed a full audit of the United States financial system.  Though this kind of exercise is normally reserved for banana republics busted out by the Anglo-banking behemoths, the I.M.F. audited the U.S. economic system before the credit crisis. 

Treasury Secretary threatened Congress to pass the bailout bill and instead of using the funds to buy the instruments of insurance and debt created by bullshit accounting, the funds went to the banks and other corporate financial companies directly (see Henry Paulson press conference).  Looking back, the idea that the banks would continue lending is comical; the sort of disingenuous, sad promise a babysitter makes to a little kid just before bedtime.
"A power over a man's subsistence amounts to a power over his will."

- Alexander Hamilton (Banker, 1755-1804)    

 Today, the people who are subjected to United States corporate rule are much worse off, still waiting for banks to find it in their hearts to offer loans and revitalize the economy. The crisis was merely an excuse, an excuse to not let people prosper while funding a new world order of control.  The illusion of crisis allowed the paper money printers to only allocate funds toward the cause of increasing their power over people.  That is why the bailout bill gave the privately-owned Internal Revenue Service the power to conduct undercover investigations.  Feds were able to, with the passing of the bailout bill, to look into private checking accounts

The TARP theft also gave corporate franchises zombie-like power so no healthy transfer of power could occur.  Domino's Pizza and the cruel American chicken industry received bailouts.  General Motors used their bailout to run away from the U.S. and invest in another country. The list truly does go on and on; as more and more scandals are uncovered (see Solyndra Scandal).

Alan Greenspan truly understands that no amount of whistle-blowing, finger-pointing, or hard-hitting expose' will change behavior.  That is why he understands that the Fed will be able to keep the game going as long as they want. 

     The question is-  how much suffering can people take?  How long will they be able to rationalize the differences between themselves and other races bombed into submission by NATO?  When will people realize that their suffering is only paying for drone bases in Africa and multi-million dollar embassies in foreign lands

Hopefully, they will come to their senses soon. 

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