Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama' Greatest Hits, The Elite's Mouthpiece, 2008-

 "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face, forever."

-George Orwell (Author, 1903-1950) 

It is that time again.  Time for the elite to trot out their front-man to jaw-bone the people back to blissful, ignorant sleep.  Increasingly, however, Obama speeches have become a caricature; a comedic parody to a very serious problem.  The nature of Obama's ever-growing ridiculousness is to break America apart.  The money-printers know, that ultimately, regardless of what their Court Jesters say, that some people will remain loyal to them despite their obvious evil intentions if they believe they are on the side that is winning.  

Obama bows to tyrant King Saud
Obama's role, or the reason he is constantly speechifying, is to cause strife.  The vast numbers of disenfranchised will become furious, sure that African-born Obama was sent in 2008 to ruin America the Awesome.  Others, mostly the people who voted for him, are refusing to open their eyes to the terrible conditions his administration has worked so hard to nurture.  Both are wrong:  America was chartered as a corporation to loot the land of North America and eventually subject the world to a single tyranny. The Obamanoids are wrong because they simply cannot open their eyes to see the illegal wars, the police state, and the economic inequity.  The intellectual rift between the people has widened significantly as more people have lost their job, and the myths offered as solutions have departed from reality.  

Obama bows to Japanese royalty 
This past Labor Day, as the economy spirals downward faster that the government economists can fudge the numbers, Obama took the time to praise unions for their ability to concede.  After all, isn't that what made unions strong; union leaders readily acceopting terms from ownership with their tail between their legs?  Or was is strikers that got their head busted by mercenaries?  On Monday, as the brainless bodies clapped their hands, Obama said, " But what unions also know is that the values at the core of the union movement, those don’t change. Those are the values that have made this country great. (Applause.) That’s what the folks trying to undermine your rights don’t understand. When union workers agree to pay freezes and pay cuts—they’re not doing it just to keep their jobs. They’re doing it so that their fellow workers—their fellow Americans—can keep their jobs. (Applause.)When teachers agree to reforms in how schools are run at the same time as they’re digging into their pockets to buy school supplies for those kids, they do so because they believe every child can learn. (Applause.) They do it because they know something that those who seek to divide us don’t understand: We are all in this together."  Meanwhile, Obama's ex-chief of Staff, Israeli citizen Rahm Emanuel is busy trying to break the teachers' union in Chicago.
Obama bows to Queen Elizabeth of England

     Besides bowing to every world leader he could, perhaps the best (or worst) Obama moment was when Bill Clinton, higher up in the criminal food chain, took over his press conference as members of the media called him "Mr. President."  Watch the U.S. Corporation, in their panic over their fiat money system, admit to the world Obama is nothing but an empty suit, out way over his skis.  
Watch the awkward body language by Obama who relinquishes the podium only to stand at the side of his boss.
Some other forgettable moments during the Soetoro presidency:

Obama dancing with Ellen DeGeneres (if you have eaten recently, avoid this one)

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