Thursday, May 5, 2011

Riding To Sound of The Guns

"War prosperity is like the prosperity that an earthquake or plague brings."

Ludwig von Mises (Economist, 1881-1973)

Staring Sunday May 1, with the distracting announcement of international boogieman,
Usama bin Laden's death, all the world's controllers, have set out to reinvigorate the fear needed to keep everyone under their control. Control is crucial to everything the New World Order destroyers hope to do- especially control of the monetary system. The announcement of bin Laden's death conjured up the bloodlust of the ignorant masses, while the elite have tried to orchestrate nothing less than a coup on reality. Their confidence in their ability to manipulate has passed the point of absurdity and will soon be overrun. Regardless of what the mainstream media says about bin Laden's alleged death in Pakistan, easily the most important story has been about the manipulation of silver and other precious metals as central economic planners flirt with the deflationary spiral that leads to the abyss of chaos.

"Gold and silver are money. Everything else is credit."

-J.P. Morgan (Banker, 1837-1913)

Mexico, during February and March, purchased 100 tons of gold worth $4.5 billion. The Mexican government received the large amount of bullion for a steep price of about $1577.00 per ounce. This price is far greater than when India bought 200 tonnes from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) at $1045 per ounce. Here is Ron Paul from 2009 talking about this important transaction which placed a floor under the price of gold at $1045.

Logical people would conclude that if an large country like Mexico's central bank pays $1577 per ounce for gold, considering all the inflationary actions taken by other central banks around the world, that transaction would re-establish a new price floor at $1577. But the economic world is not logical. The precious metals markets have been tightly controlled since the bankers' coup in 1913 eased the U.S. and the rest of the world from the gold standard and into a military state to facilitate world domination.

On Monday, right after the bin Laden announcement Sunday night, the old grandfather of endless paper money credit, Warren Buffet explained why he does not like gold as an investment. "You can fondle it, you can polish it, you can stare at it, but it isn't going to do anything," said Buffett of gold. Gold, for Buffet, has the same worth as his personal interviewer and muse, CNBC's Becky Quick. Neither the so-called Oracle of Omaha, Buffet, or CNBC monetary whore, Quick, understand that gold is a currency, the only money, and its use is for that very purpose because of its rarity. For rich old farts like Buffett who have cozied up to the Federal Reserve's printing press, the rise in precious metal prices is a signal that their fraudulent game is up. People like him cannot get behind gold, only assault it when it threatens their monopoly on control.

This week Carlos Slim's Minera Frisco reported a larger short position in the silver market. When the alleged "richest man in the world" decides to sell silver electronic transfers, the moneyed elite are more than happy to use it as an excuse to drive the arbitrarily concocted price of the metal down to confuse people from the stench of the decaying dollar. However, Slim's sales are in the ideasphere, the made-up (a more appropriate term would be fraudulent or immoral) world of finance that gave us credit default swaps and the derivative. In the real world where all of us live and eat, the physical silver bullion is flying off the shelves of gold and silver stores and, most importantly, the Comex Warehouse (Click here for a must-see chart of the Comex Warehouse Deliverable Silver Inventory. Thanks to Jesse's Cafe Americain for quite probably the most important chart in today's economic landscape). As anyone can deduce from the chart, deman for physical silver bullion is stronger than ever. Therefore, the assault on the price of silver is completely contrived, a ruse by the economic elite that is terribly frightened of the writing on the wall.

The moneyed elite have no choice but to "ride to sound of the guns." Like Custer at his famous Last Stand of 1876, all their electronic transfer fund (ETF) profit-taking will be over and they will be left in the dust, consumed by far too many aggressive natives looking for physical silver bullion. Though the price is being artificially driven down, the intelligent understand Bernanke, Geithner, and Obama are all lying. Silver is the best chance to preserve the wealth that is systematically being destroyed by interests of parasites hoping for the christening of a new system by which rulers can lord over the ruled. There is no saving the dollar regardless of how many alleged terrorists the CIA decides to assassinate.

Article dedicated to Buddy, a.k.a Little B; killed 5-5-10 by coyotes

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