Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Awakening is Imminent

"I am deeply troubled that a very vague, emotionally-stated, semi-theologically defined diagnosis of the central global menace is obscuring our national ability to comprehend the historically unprecedented challenge, which is being posed in our time by a massive, global awakening and thus is obstructing our ability to deal effectively with the global political turmoil that this awakening is generating."

-Zbigniew Brzezinski (National Security Agency, 1928- )

The global puppet masters know what is at stake. They know they are in grave danger of losing everything they have worked for over the many generations they have excercised their control over the world. The controllers know their domination of the debate is fading and they are upset. Their vindictive reactions and nihilistic attacks will cease only when, more and more of the controlled sheeple wake from their slumber unimpressed by the authority from which the globalist lies sprout and convinced that love is humanity's nature. The myth that has kept the current paradigm alive, be it international boogieman Usama bin Laden or other fear tactics to spur the war machine, are cracking more and more each day. To borrow a description from the eugenic environmental corporatists intent on saving plant life instead of human life- This world view is unsustainable.

The flag-wavers; the tearful national anthem attention-standers, with their hand stuck in perma-salute, the so-called true blue, patriotic Americans will explain that bin Laden's apparent brazen murder is what happens to a man who kills 3,000 innocent people with acts of terrorism. However, more and more people are waking up to see that the narrative of Obama's hit squad storming into bin Laden's "mansion" in the middle of the night is less about an Arab terrorist and more about the never-ending assault on the wealth, freedoms, and right to prosperity of Americans.

Not only was the story of bin Laden's death a chance to make Obama stronger (apparently someone who plays 18 holes of golf and then poses for a photo pretending to be watching a live assault by Special Forces is the true definition of toughness), but to change the debate, instill fresh fear, and reinvigorate the dollar system by attacking its enemies- gold and silver.

Morally and Politically Bankrupt

George Orwell's nightmare scenario 1984 is now more reality than fiction. The government spreads stories that almost immediately debunked by the truth. The stories created by the government provide the government with the impetus to crack down harder on civil liberties, become more intrusive into peoples' lives, and smash individual freedom wherever it is able to exist and flourish.

"An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind."

- Mohandas Gandhi (Leader, 1869-1948)

Regardless of all the forms of manipulation the forces of evil vow to use to punish the people with for not acquiescing to their power, there will always be people, not sheeple, to challenge, disobey and fight them on principle. Because the rulers cannot live without patronage, this is as useful, even more so, than violent opposition. Reactions like that of the Real IRA, who plan to bomb the Queen of England when she arrives in Ireland later this month are misleading. Thought this type of action may satisfy some visceral revenge, violence only begets more violence. A boycott would be much, much more effective. Ireland would find the Queen to be the least of their worries. Besides this type of actions plays right intop the hands of entities that invade third world nations under false pretense or enter an old, unarmed man's house in the middle of the night and assault him and his wives.

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