Friday, December 3, 2010

Get Excited- The Walls of The Economic Prison Are Falling Down

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

-Mahatma Gandi (Indian Freedom Fighter, 1869- 1948)

As the tyrannic forces push the pedal down on their freedom stealing agenda, the tide against them is moving just as fast and is poised to defeat the measures set to enslave humanity. Though it may not seem so due to mainstream media manipulation, the forces in defense of freedom and human dignity dwarf the power of the evil elite. Once the ball starts to move, the real information exposed, the juggernaut of righteousness will crush the oppressors that feel higher powers have legitimized the elite's right to persecute others so that they may enjoy a life of luxury. People such as this are sadly mistaken. The more people understand the endgame set forth by the banking controllers- the less probable it is they will go along with the eugenic agenda set forth by the globalist killers.

In the past, and even the not so distant past, when the courageous or the naive have challenged their right to determine monetary policy, they have simply disposed of them through murder, arrest, slander, or other nefarious means of character or physical assassination. The flood of debt and money printing is now becoming too much to keep under wraps. Like the little Dutch boy with his fingers in the dike, the elite with all their horses (politicians) and all their men (media whores), won't be able to put this one back together again. If Humpty Dumpty has not fallen yet, he is certainly rocking precariously on a very flimsy wall.

There is a bank run Tuesday and people who are aware can feel the energy in the air and smell the fear in the elite and their minions. When Eric Cantona, ex-soccer star, first organized the run back in October, most people shrugged it off. Today, as we await the date on the Friday before, 30,000 people have pledged to pull their money out of French banks. And nobody really knows how many other people across Europe and elsewhere plan on doing the same thing to stick right in the ass of the tyrannical banks that have done so much to damage the world and its people.

"A hero is a man who does what he can."

- Romain Roland (French Author, 1866-1944)

"He's a great soccer player, but it's not clear people should follow his suggestion.... Everyone has their areas of competence," said French finance minister Christine LaGuarde. Obviously LaGuarde believes everyone should stand by while the bankers implode the world economy, enforce austerity measures to plunge everyone into poverty, and sit back while a police state oppresses them and their families. After all, the banks have already done such a great job fucking everything up, why not let them keep going? LaGuarde added, "There are those that play football magnificently, and I would not dare try. I think it's best for everyone to stick to their own specialty." Her specialty must be colluding with other global criminals and immersing the world in debt slavery in the pursuit of more power. Doesn't she realize that finance affects everybody who is forced to use the inflationary fiat money she creates out of thin air? Who the fuck do they think they are?

BNP Paribas CEO Baudoin Prot had a slightly more panicked opinion on the issue. "The recommendation to withdraw deposits is totally irresponsible. It goes completely against anything that could assure the functioning of the economy." The National Pulse must disagree with Prot on this, also. Withdrawing funds is the most responsible thing a person could do. The banks have lost every shred of trust they ever had- if they ever had any. If the market is truly free as they constantly claim, people should be able to do whatever they want.

But the market is not free. The cabal of international bankers have long locked up control on the entire world. However their stranglehold on the economy has been, to coin a term from their phony climate science, unsustainable. More and more people are finding out that the gold and silver price has been manipulated by the banks as they print more and more worthless dollars to pass out to their friends. This results in the insidious inflation tax that stealthily drains wealth from the pockets of working people.

French and global officials can decry Cantona and others from defending themselves from totalitarian measures all they want. Once confidence is lost (some believe the tipping point has already occurred) the so-called "experts" and their expertise will be squashed by the truth like ashphalt under a giant steamroller. The courageous are far easier to deal with one at a time, secluded on the "lunatic fringe" created by the elite's propaganda organs, newspapers and televisions. With the courageous leading the way, the masses can cause a real revolution.

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