Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bank Run Looms; Assange Adds To Confidence Lost in Authority

Uncle Billy: This is a pickle, George...this is a pickle!

George: Ok, how'd this start?

Uncle Billy: Aw, how does a thing like this ever start?....all I know is that the bank called our loan!!

Little did George know that Potter had stolen the money given to him from a gloating Uncle Billy. Potter orchestrated the whole bank run through rumors of malfeasance once he got the money as he encouraged the bank to call the loan on the Building and Loan. Even in the movies the larger, not necessarily more wealthy bankers prey on the self-sufficient in pursuit of power. Had Uncle Billy not misplaced the money, The Bailey Building and Loan could and would have paid out each and every person their money- in cash. Today, the Potters of the world have taken over. Bank runs, however, still exist and are the best way for the bank patrons to hold their banks accountable.

WikiLeaks Adds To Massive Loss of Confidence in World Leaders and the Economics of Destruction

WikiLeaks, the website devoted to exposing classified documents, is under scrutiny for pointing out the details of the New World Order's inner back-stabbing machinations. The results of these revelations would be shocking if people are naive enough to expect the New World Order to culminate without intrigue, deception, and blood. The attempt by the elite of the world at a one world government is all about coercion, threats, back-stabs, and other sneaky methods to maintain or gain control. So now we know that Hamid Karzai, the ultra-corrupt American-U.N. puppet of Afghanistan, pardons criminals regularly. The Saudi king wants to embed Guantanamo prisoners (who are human beings) with RFID chips, like cattle or horses. Prince Charles, according to one diplomat, Armitav Banerji, lacks the "respect" to run the Commonwealth. Silvio Belusconi of Italy enjoys wild parties and sex with underage girls. The Saudis are pushing the U.S. and U.N. to bomb Iran and start World War III. Libyan premier, Moamar Qadafi has a Ukrainian girlfriend who is described by one official as a "voluptuous blond."

Ultimately, none of this stuff is really anything an aware person does not know or could not surmise by being relatively insightful. Most conscientious anti-war activists knew U.S. occupation forces had been killing civilians before WikiLeaks released the Collateral Murder video. Hearing about Hillary Clinton encouraging U.S. officials to spy on U.N. officials is not that shocking. Only the naive would expect the opposite to be true-- that no spying or manipulation was occurring would be shocking. However, the revelations offer insight into the fact that even their inner globalist cabal is having trouble keeping secrets. The global elite need each other to make the world agree on phony sciences like climate change. Whether or not the information is crucial is not really the effectiveness of WikiLeaks. Outing bits of classified information from numerous sources is showing the powerful that their friends are not who they thought they were. Since the elite feel they have a right to rule, as the masses find out about the reality, the facade of "the lawful right to rule" is falling apart. Eventually the masses will understand that the officials determined to make the world "global" are nothing but lying, cheating hucksters trying to set up as eugenic caste system with they and their families "grandfathered" into the elite decision-making positions of society.

Julian Assange, the person behind the website, is seemingly saving strategic information sent to him from whistle blowers and distributing the tidbits via the worldwide web. For this, he has been accused of compromising the safety of American and NATO soldiers and the security of the U.S. homeland. Assange could be the latest hero to expose more of the vicious nature of the New World Order. If we consider Assange's stance on 9/11, the biggest of lies backstopping the abstract War on Terror, Assange may be the latest fake opposer, thrown into the limelight by the elite to create their own opposition that they may control. It could very well be that Assange is a paid dis-informant, employed by the Intelligence community to pre-empt profound disclosures. Even so, the revelations put forward by the WikiLeaks site adds to the distaste created by the globalist war machine of poverty and death. The more information brought out into the open by all people will, eventually, destroy the hoax of authority throughout the world.

Assange Threatening B. of A. And Their Role In Monetary Policy?

Recently, Assange has been claiming that he has confidential information concerning Bank of America. Almost instantly, rape charges that had been previously dropped magically morphed into an arrest warrant from Interpol.

Nothing perpetuates the power strata like control of monetary policy. It is the threat of loss of monetary control which causes blood to be spilled. Now, the mainstream media would portray it a different way as they are in the service of those in control. To the mainstream media conglomerates they will never draw the parallels or investigate past their initial assessment of "accident."

It is important for the people to realize what is being done as the international banks plunge the world into poverty and not only refuse to relinquish control but try and grab more. So when the entire Polish government dies in a plane crash after promising to devalue their currency which would have been a critical challenge to the failing Euro, we should know. When Rod Blagojevich is arrested at 6 am after promising to suspend the state of Illinois' business with the Bank of America, we should be aware of the lack of coincidence.

As time ticks toward Dec. 7th, lawmakers are already discounting the power of the people to make decisions for themselves. France's finance minister has already warned ex-football star Eric Cantona from organizing the world-wide bank run. This is because, claims Finance Minister Christine Laguarde, Cantona doesn't "understand the mechanics of international finance." Apparently Ms. Laguarde thinks everyone in the world is stupid and is not supposed to look up in a rainstorm and realize it is not rain at all, but the large financial institutions relieving themselves all over the people. Only slaves and the publications that promote their captivity can argue against the bank run. The filthy tyrannical mouthpiece The Guardian postulated that "if the people were to run on the banks, the government would simply bail them out again and enforce stiffer austerity measures." Their message might as well be the motto of the New World Order police state based on torture- the will to be free will only make life harder.

Indeed, some will be scared and weak and unable to handle confrontation in trying to win their freedom. It is truly pitiful for the ignorant who will be scooped up by the ever-shrinking net of the global eugenic program. Those who refuse to realize they are being systematically and purposefully assaulted in the most fundamental of ways will wake up one day to find everything gone. The brave will employ their intelligence along with the courage to stand for freedom. How many who follow their lead will determine the humanity's future.

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