Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Order Through Chaos- the Elite Mantra

"Charity is injurious unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it."

-John D. Rockefeller

With all the injustices in the world coming under public fire as The National Pulse reports to you, there still persists a subliminal, seemingly benign force; that corrupts and enslaves people simultaneously and subconsciously. Understand: There is nothing that exists outside the grasp of the Illuminati's grip. That is, media, sports, movies, you name it- everybody in public life or in the mainstream media kicks up to the evil tyranny, hell-bent on world domination. To the elite in the music and film industry, mass entertainment facilitates the corruption of the human spirit on a sublime level. When they least expect it, people are brainwashed into accepting social norms. It is hard for many Americans to believe this is the case, but it is true. A person just has to follow the money. This publication has not the time to delve deep into these facts but here are some sites that have : The Vigilant Citizen, Illuminati News, Indian in the Machine.

Most Americans, consumed with their lives and work, patronize Hollywood because it provides them with a release. What people do not realize is their patronization is helping the New World Order do their job of enslaving humanity. In today's world, music and movies are designed to corrupt and degrade through the exploitation of mind control techniques. Entertainment is a powerful force- the Illuminati globalists know this- and they have used it to gain traction for their movement of a one-world slave state.

Actor Don Cheadle is set to become United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the Environment next month. Most of his work it appears, will take place in Rwanda, a country that has suffered a brutal genocide throughout the 1990's. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is a branch of the U.N. designed to be the world government's version of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in present-day America. Within the globalist's dream of a one-world government structure, UNEP would act as a so-called "environmental watchdog for the world," enforcing strict environmental standards for the people, as the large corporations continue to exploit the environment and rake in billions from a global carbon tax. All of this is to be for the ethereal purpose of "saving the environment." According to their mission statement, UNEP's mission is to: "provide leadership and encourage partnership in caring about the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling nations and peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations."

"Charity sees the need, not the cause."

-German proverb

The entire impetus behind UNEP's program has been proven false and deemed a lie to install a world carbon tax. The Climategate emails ruined the Copenhagen Summit and the theory of global warming as an ethos to march toward world governance. All Al Gore could do was cry about his embarrassment as "failed global warming huckster." Pathetically, however, the U.N. continues to exploit the most disadvantaged of peoples, under the guise of humanitarian charity work.

Whether Don Cheadle knows it or not, the United Nations had its chance to help Rwanda out before, it just was not economically desirable for them to do so then. Though Germany was the first country to get to Rwanda in the African scramble of the late 19th century, Belgium moved into the territory as a response to Germany's invasion of their home country in World War I. After the war, the League of Nations (precursor to the United Nations) retained the established order, and the Belgians ruled Ruanda-Burundi as a colony. The Belgians maintained the status quo, ruling through the Tutsi (mainly ranchers) aristocracy over the Hutu (mainly farmers). Racial tensions had existed long before the Belgians arrived, but they exacerbated the problem by mandating a racial identity card defining them as Hutu (85%) or Tutsi (14%).

Fast forward to the 1990's and the animosities still exist. Though present in country, the United Nations was unable to stop the slaughter of 800,000 Tutsis in 1994. Today, now that the terrible damage has been done to both Tutsis and Hutu families, UNEP wants to go in to promote their environmental religion. According to a paper outlining UNEP's strategy, "the environment should compete with religion as the only compelling, value-based narrative available to humanity. To do that, however, it will have to make itself relevant well beyond the world of those already concerned with the environment." Who better to try an experimental religion on that disadvantaged, emotionally battered Africans that will believe anything in exchange for a full belly? This is a typical strategy of the U.N. "givers." They help create the problem in third world countries, displacing children and families from their livelihoods, just to experiment with their programs on a weakened people.

This is what people just cannot seem to grasp about Hollywood actors and their "generosity." Where were they when Haiti was being oppressed by years by dictatorships and inflation? Did anyone from Hollywood protest Haitian austerity measures before the 2010 earthquake? No. Not one Hollywood starlet or Academy Award winner did the math and wondered if the bankrupt criminals in charge of U.S. Corporation purposely orchestrated the Haiti Earthquake with the HAARP weapon in Alaska (for more on this see The National Pulse's 3-part series, On The Haitian Earthquake).

Hollywood is so in love with the corrupt, immoral Federal Reserve debt notes, they won't ever say anything bad about the established order, American support of the Zionist state of Israel, or persecution of American citizens within the growing United States police state. George Clooney, like the low-level CIA operatives he plays on the silver screen, sprung into action with a Haiti tele-thon and fundraiser. And just in time for tax season, Hollywood's Pied Piper, Obama pushed through a special Haitian tax-relief measure, which allowed donors to receive deductions from the IRS for the 2009 tax year. Not only does he make them feel important, he helps them manage their their extravagant finances with breaks from the privately owned Internal Revenue Service.

The National Pulse does not mean to ridicule those who give to charity. However, this problem of the Haitian earthquake was caused by a rogue government operating behind the facade of real government and was not investigated at all by the mainstream press even though a foreign head of state claimed a weapon was used. The duped U.S. legislature passed a last-minute tax-loophole to fatten the pockets of Hollywood's elite while at the same time giving them the public appearance of being generous, altruistic do-gooders. This is such a lie since most of the Hollywood people showed their face for photo shoot and went back to their Malibu mansions while Haitians were left destitute and homeless. Meanwhile, problems in America persist. Tent cities have sprung up in America. America's hungry are rising at an alarming rate. Why won't Hollywood do something that matters like support auditing the Federal Reserve?!

Both Hollywood and the actors it props up as stars will not stray from the party line because of the gigantic paydays. As the Depression lengthens, Hollywood's follow-up to environmental movie (Avatar), will be a movie called "Machete," which they hope will provoke nothing short of a race war. With all that has happened near the border with Mexico- the lax enforcement of illegal immigration, the murders as a result of the drug war, and the recent passing of identification laws by the state of Arizona, do you really think this is a coincidence? Here is the trailer for the film. Many, many "A-list" actors are part of this movie. Does Hollywood hope to move us toward a righteous destiny or do they wish to bog us down in a Satanic cesspool where human life is cheap and they make millions of dollars from their Illumined masters? You will have to decide.

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