Wednesday, May 19, 2010

God Doesn't Condone Eugenics

"Things do not change; we change."
-Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

As the days move toward the "period of transfer," the entrenched mega-rich are trying to stop human evolution. They have toyed with the actual playing of God, and stand to pay the price for their transgressions. God is certainly in the headlines lately. Whether it be the scientific focus of the Higgs Boson search, or the European Union collapsing like the Tower of Babel, people want to know and understand God's opinion about the world situation. Some people are trying to find Him spiritually, others are trying to act like Him, and still others are trying to usurp Him. The Controllers of the Planet and their minions are so desperate to retain control that they will stop at nothing to try and make humanity eliminate themselves. In their panic to instill a one-world totalitarian slave state, they have been forced to speed up their machinations of tyranny. The quicker the water boils, the more apt is the frog to jump out of the cauldron, however. Today, we are seeing all sorts of frogs leaping out of the steaming pot, reinvigorated to change their life for the better.

Geopolitical expert and National Security Advisor Zbiginew Brzeszinski knows what is happening and he is not pleased. In his speech the other day, he recognizes the mass awakening in people- and this is not good- for him and his ruthlessly criminal buddies. Brzeszinski is an elite who founded the Trilateral Commission with fellow cold-blooded killer Henry Kissinger. Brzeszinski most famously remarked that "today it is much easier to eliminate (kill) a million people than it is to control them" (as it was in years past). Like his partner, Henry Kissinger, Brzeszinski sees human beings as "useless eaters;" assets to be controlled on a world chess board.

Billionaire Ted Turner, who once referred to Christianity as "a religion for losers" and Christians as "Jesus freaks" for wearing ashes on their forehead for Ash Wednesday, recently pontificated about God. God he said, was sending a "message" with the exploded oil well that killed 11 people in the Gulf of Mexico. For Turner, God is very angry. In Turner's head, God is angered because there are too many people. Turner is committed to eugenics and any false, corrupted science dreamed up by the United Nations (click here for Ted Turner's 10 Voluntary Initiatives). Though Turner owns 2 million acres and has five children, he believes people are "using too much stuff" and should voluntarily submit to the wishes of the totalitarian United Nations.
Fellow eugenicist Bill Gates is doing everything he can to fulfill the "god-of-his-mind's" work. He and his Bilderberger wife Melinda are coming up with all sorts of ways to stop the overdue human population explosion that will end the elite's grip on the consciousness of the planet. With vaccines, Gates hopes to eliminate the world's population by 10-15%. Very recently, the research from his funding has uncovered a form of male sterilization using ultrasound.

All these methods are diabolical, but perhaps the boldest project undertaken by Gates is the "geoengineering" project. First of all, the world is not getting hotter, it is getting cooler. The hubris of one person determined to take away sunlight from everybody is almost incomprehensible. Despite the Climategate scandal, the failure of the Copenhagen climate summit, and the dogged leadership of a few real environmental groups, the skies continue to be manipulated with chemtrails. It is Bill Gates who thinks you have too much sunlight. And it matters only what he and elite eugenicists think. Despite the fact that most countries have rejected geoengineering because the premise of climate change is a fraud, Canada reversed its position at the eleventh hour and broke rank with growing international support for a global moratorium on geoengineering.

Hands Off Mother Earth (H.O.M.E) has led the way building a consensus to stop blocking the sun. The sun is as important to human beings as it is to vegetation or animals. Sunlight rejuvenates the body, lessens the chance for depression, and can cure arthritis. Sunlight is the only way the body can produce Vitamin D which helps the body's bones and immune system.

People like Lloyd Blankfein who believe banks are doing God's work and continue to steal everybody's money cannot claim ignorance anymore. Rich people, like Woody Allen, who want to see Obama as dictator, have no understanding of the true God. God wants people to be free from the tyranny of other beings. The truth is there is no white knight to save America or the world from the calamity created by the world's financial elite. People will have to use their intelligence, their gut, and each other to reverse the terrible situation the Illuminati has created. As the globalist war-mongers desperately try to get humans to kill themselves with vaccines and bad food, more Americans are waking up every day to the government's exploitation of problem, reaction, solution. Their old games are rapidly coming to an end because the game is up. With humanity's true destiny threatened, God will lead the way to a brighter future regardless of what any elitist wishes to happen.

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