Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Argument for Alien Disclosure

"Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's view confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it."

-Woodrow Wilson

The world is screaming for a change. Yet, as the world gets closer to each other through international agreements and traitorous double-agent politicians, nothing happens. Though technology is allegedly making our lives less complicated, we seem to be heading farther and farther from the roots of our true real humanity. The solutions are there yet forbidden to be enacted.

As we have pointed out ad nausea, the correct measures are easy to see. The tired, bankrupt established order is out of lies. They have flatly refused to reform anything. In perhaps the most momentous decision, last week, the Senate voted 96-0 for a one-time audit of the bailout money. It will not give the Government Accounting Office (GAO) a chance to see how the Fed determines its interest rate policy or who gets to borrow and how much from the discount window. Transparency of the Fed's interest rate policy would, of course, threaten the Fed's control over monetary policy. Because they have inflated the dollar so badly, it would likely crash if people comprehended the reality. Essentially, the bill does nothing and upholds the power structure. This is why Obama has finally supported the Senate bill- because it does nothing to harm the Fed's tyranny over monetary policy and the American people.

Despite all the political pressure, the obvious discontent of the people, and the souring of the stock market, the status quo still stands. Why? What is backstopping the entire thing? If the passage of the Health Care Reform package proved anything, it was that President Obama and most of Congress are not scared of the American people. They are much more scared of not getting the tyrannical script accomplished. Who is behind the curtain? Obviously there are forces above the visible leaders, forcing the action, holding the leaders accountable and scripting everything from false flag attacks to legislation.

The National Pulse believes there is so much we do not know, no argument should be completely eliminated until we can retrieve all the facts purposely witheld by government. Recently, the Queen invited David Cameron to be Prime Minister of Great Britain. This was no formality, the Queen ranks higher than the Prime Minister and, in fact, controls the Social Security accounts of United States citizens. But that is beside the point.

Before being elected, David Cameron vowed to publish any files that may exist about UFOs. Groups have been after Obama to do the same, though it is unlikely since he is the least transparent president of all-time. His last press conference was July 22, 2009. Yesterday, in true Orwellian fashion, after signing the "Freedom of Press Act," Obama refused to take any questions from the press (watch the 1:00 video here).

"Sometimes I wish the aliens would abduct me and crown me as their leader."

-George H. Walker (American banker, grandfather of George H. W. Bush, 1875-1953)

The vice is tightening on all freedom and nothing makes sense because we do not have all the facts. Last week, astrophysicist Stephen Hawking said alien life forms almost certainly exist but they trying to communicate with them is "too risky." Hawking likens aliens to Columbus when he arrived in North America. For Hawking, aliens are probably malevolent looters who will destroy humanity and exploit the Earth for its resources.

Hawking is not the only scientist who is pretty sure alien life forms exist. Last week, NASA's Voyager 2 was "hijacked" by something. In space for 33 years, the probe is now 8.6 million miles away from Earth and received strange signals that scientists were unable to decipher. "It appears as if someone has reprogrammed or hijacked the probe," said German academic Hartwig Hausdorf. "Thus perhaps we do not yet know the whole truth." Hijackers, plunderers? This is how our controlled media chooses to paint life forms we have never met. As our own planet is enveloped in misery, mainstream scientists, made famous by the Illuminati press, have decided for you that if aliens arrive in a very public manner, they will be evil.

If alien life forms exist, what makes us so sure they are not here already? The mainstream media should not pick and choose which argument is delivered to the people. If scientists agree aliens exist, people should listen to Alex Collier talk about his experiences. People should research William Cooper. Until we know the truth from the government, no stone should be left unturned. Collier and Cooper's testimony helps fill in some gaps that constitute the larger unknown. Who is filling the sky with metal and trying to block the sun? Why are the Powers That Be so scared of our knowledge? Why is the United States overtly working to end freedom of expression and turn America into a totalitarian state?

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