Tuesday, April 6, 2010

War Pigs

"Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give the appearance of solidity to pure wind."

-George Orwell

As the 15th of April arrives it is important for Americans to realize to where their taxes go, what they promote, and the return they can expect from dutifully paying each year. The truth is, besides the personal, private pockets of the Federal Reserve Bank owners, your taxes support America's gargantuan war machine. This bureaucracy of death continues to stomp its way around the world in search of a phony enemy. The war is a war on an ideology; the physical acts of war are meant to confuse both sides- attacker and attackee.

To understand the big picture, a person has got to admit the quest for a one-world government by the economic, royal, governmental, and ecclesiastical elite is happening. People that cannot or will not recognize the quest for a New World Order slave state are easily manipulated by the mainstream media organs which are designed to promote the elite aims and steer public opinion in a certain direction. The inability to see the forest from the trees will desperately confuse people whose hearts would otherwise be in the right place. Media manipulation makes people scared of Muslims, promotes the phony left/right paradigm (there is really one party that represents government's control over the people), and squashes real dissent by ambivalence or persecution.

To realize what has happened while considering the master plan behind what has been planned to happen, intelligent Americans should re-examine the run up to the Iraq War. Despite the trauma caused by September 11, allegations of Iraqi involvement were to most, especially to most of those now supporting Obama's war escalations, bold-faced lies. None of the lies left more heads shaking than those delivered by one of the world's most disgusting, Paul Wolfowitz. An architect of America's purposefully stupid assault on Iraq and the subsequent occupation, Wolfowitz could not have cared less. Shortly, after getting America embroiled in a state-collapsing bog, Wolfowitz became President of the World Bank in 2006. It didn't matter to him that Iraq wouldn't be able to finance its own reconstruction with the oil revenues. It didn't matter to him that America would probably go bankrupt destroying and then trying to rebuild the land of Iraq. He was to be a part of a supra-national governing body, the World Bank. By the time, according to Wolfowitz and others in the elite, the U.S.A. would be a thing of the past, anyhow. It didn't matter to Wolfowitz what we were doing there.

The prime movers that made the Iraq War happen cared little about Iraq and their prosperity (they claimed this over and over as if they had a shred of decency in their bodies). To date, over 1 million Iraqi people have perished as a result of the Iraq War. The counter insurgency will never be over until the last foreign troop leaves the destructed, war-torn land. Documentation of the chaos cause by this invasion could go on for many many webpages.

The Iraq war achieved exactly what was desired by the elite globalists in favor of a one-world slave state. It is true- Iraq was one of the remaining countries left in the entire world without a Rothschild-controlled bank. However, the chaos left in the wake of two needless wars was the desired effect. The goal of the entire fruitless aggression was meant to usher in the New World Order slave state. Today, more U.S. soldiers have died from suicide than have been killed in action in both theatres.

Without a clear plan of self-defense, U.S. soldiers were left to write the rules of engagement for themselves. Abu Ghraib happened. Beating up, arresting, humiliating civilians has been and is a normal part of the military mission in Iraq in Afghanistan. U.S. forces and others have used New World Order cutting edge technology to track and classify civilians. These infringements on human dignity and freedom were not requested by the Afghan or Iraqi people. Building databases of DNA information, retinal scans, and fingerprints is not the way to win the people. It is a way to control them.

In these aimless wars of destruction, America is breeding an emotionally disconnected soldier. There is no clear purpose for their fight and if there is, that rationale is based on lies. Everyday, the situation becomes more and more depressingly brutal and inhuman. General McChrystal, the leader in the Afghan theatre, recently admitted that the U.S. has "shot an amazing number of people who were not a threat." On June 12th, 2007, two Apache helicopters gunned down about 15 people including two journalists employed by Reuters in a village plaza. ***Recently, Wikileaks published a video shot from an American Apache helicopter as it murdered about 15 unarmed people. After the initial assault, which left most dead, the helicopter continued to fire on the van that came to pick up the wounded. The Pentagon never intended the public to see this video.***

Given the faulty intelligence that led to the Iraq War, how can Americans think the same cold- blooded killers won't do the same to dissenters when given the go-ahead? If Americans do not think these same people won't turn their guns on the American public when civil unrest occurs because of a hyperinflationary environment in America, they are sadly mistaken. The pervasive ignorance of America's foundation and purpose will be the lever to turn the state's law enforcement into the coercive bully desired by the New World Order.

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