Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Climate Farce Update

"All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry."

-Edgar Allen Poe

Wonder where Al Gore has been? Think he grew a big beard and disappeared like when he lost the Presidential race to the half-retarded George W. Bush in 2000? These days, America just isn't that lucky. Gore is planning a speaking engagement in Monterey, California for May 17 at the Golden State Theater. Inconveniently for humanity, Gore will actually be allowed to walk in, speak lies, and take money for promoting a phony science that would be the basis for global slavery.

The global warming alarmists are gearing up for another offensive. Even though their theories were exposed for the fraud they are with the release of the Climategate emails, the elite are orchestrating a comeback for climate change action based on their phony, corruptly constructed science. The emails were anonymously and timely delivered to three blogs before the critical Copenhagen conference in December of last year. The scandal blew the lid off the lie that the Earth was warming and that urgent action was absolutely necessary to stave off "absolute destruction" (For a great resource on the entire chain of events click here).

Gore knows he is a fraud and faces "massive opposition." After the release of the emails on the Internet last year, Gore was chased out of book signings by informed people who have realized his trumpeting of climate change was a fraud. Gore was due upon the passage of climate legislation to become the world's first green billionaire overnight. This was thwarted by activists who would follow him around the country calling Gore what he is- a huckster for the New World Order, intent on enslaving the entire world. Gore, after the debacle of a book signing in Chicago, was forced to cancel his $1200/plate speaking engagement in Copenhagen, entitled, Climate Conclusion. Oops (For a comedic parody of the Climategate revelation click here).

Much like the health care bill, the elite do not quit, they reload. Recently, the scientists who fudged data, colluded to exclude dissenting scientists, and even ousted colleagues who held different opinions were cleared of any criminal wrongdoing in one day! Apparently they hope people with just give in to authority. Old men with titles say it so, therefore, it is so.

"A whitewashed crow soon shows black again."

-Chinese Proverb

In America, Congress plans to move forward with climate legislation despite the fact that members of Congress laughed at Obama during the State of the Union Address when he mentioned "overwhelming evidence." On the case is the World's Most Boring Man, Senator John Kerry. The key for Kerry is to put a price on carbon dioxide. That's right- the very compound that is breathed out by humans and used by vegetation to grow, is being price-fixed by America's idiotic legislature.

This is how dumb the elite globalists believe you to be. Does it make you mad? Because here at The National Pulse, we are furious; furious that nobody seems to care that forces continue to spray the sky with white stuff to try and block the sun- the main source of life on Earth. We are furious that Al Gore, Phil Jones, and Michael Mann are still free, despite taking millions of dollars in grant money to forge and suppress statistics. You should be furious, also.

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