Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Media War on Patriotism

sedition (si dish' en) n. The federal crime of advocacy against the government or support for an enemy of the nation during time of war, by speeches, publication, and organization.

The criminals in command of the fraudulent U.S. Corporation acting as the government are in very deep. They are also very frightened. Since the criminal cabal knows the situation will become much, much worse, they are releasing, in typical fashion, a pre-emptive assault on America's consciousness. Divide and conquer is the key for the establishment who only bails out their friends at the expense of the peasants. When finally the rug(pensions) is pulled out from under the baby boomers right when they need it the most (their retirement), all hell will break loose. The globalist traitors have seen similar situations in numerous third world countries they have collapsed in the past. America will be the granddaddy of them all.

Finally all the sabre rattling, war mongering, and aggression is pointed directly at the American people. As usual, the established order is using the despicable mainstream media traitor cowards to paint honest, law-abiding Americans as extremists and agitators. Pulitzer Prize-winning stand-up comedians have been given their marching orders from the elite to demonize patriots everywhere. Here is what corporate suckjob, Avery Harden of the Baltimore Sun had to say in a recent article, "The Tea Party Goes Too Far in Talking About Violent Revolution" : "I think the country's economy is about to come out of the desperate situation it was in back in October 2008. I believe the bank bailout that began under the Bush Administration and was continued in the Obama Administration has helped prevent a complete collapse of not just the U.S. economy but also the global economy. I think the strong leadership of both the Bush and Obama Administrations deserves credit for the economy coming back from the brink."

Kathleen Parker, reporter for a soon-to-be-bankrupt mainstream paper, likened patriotism on the Internet to terrorism (watch her on Face the Nation). "It's sort of like terrorism," said Parker. "You know, we don't know where to aim our bombs, so we can't go after a country because there are-- there is no one place to focus on. And it's the same thing with-- with the Internet. You can't really- you don't know who to go after."

You see, Kathy, we know who to go after. Your shit paper doesn't know and therefore, you should consult The National Pulse more often. In fact, you and your shitty newspaper may be the only ones who do not know what is going on. You must be the 1 in 5 five Americans who thinks everything is going just fine except for a couple fringe Christian, white supremacist extremists. Wake up, Kathy and the other guy from the Baltimore whatever-- 4 out of 5 Americans don't trust anything the government does. All of those people are just people- not extremists. The corporate government is extremely corrupt and scared. And they want to persecute the citizens to make a one world government. That is what is happening.

The National Pulse apologizes for the language. The newsroom is a little upset today. The Southern Poverty Law Center, the finger-pointing for Obama's New World Order "hate" machine, published a list called "Meet the Patriots." The list covered 40 people who basically oppose the government stealing everyone's money and who foresee the government taking measures to suppress dissent when the bankers finally pull the plug on the economy. If you read some of the biographies of the forty people you'll find yourself asking, "And why is that bad?" The National Pulse, as influential as it is, was somehow left off of the list. Oh well, nobody ever called them competent. They put Glenn Beck on there for heaven's sake!! He got paid $50 million to adopt the movement only to later be a saboteur.

Seriously, though, The National Pulse is not in the journalism game to be famous, earn worthless Federal Reserve debt notes, or win a Pulitzer Prize for Best Ass Kiss. Our point is and always has been, we are all on the list or will be on the list for no fault of our own. They are the thieves, liars, and war mongers. They need to worry and that is why they are attacking. Like ex-Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich said today, "They are all a bunch of cowards and liars, play the tapes."

And then, when all the bullshit fades away; when the next false flag falls like an expected dud; when all the accusations become reality; the government will finally show their true face. Then, everybody will understand quite clearly. Just last month, Moody's rating agency released a report which detailed the definite possibility of "substantial execution risk" when the Federal Reserve uses the people to pay back its corporate debt. The government is aware austerity measures will cause social unrest. They plan to violently stop anti-government dissent whether you and your family have enough food to eat or not. After all, totalitarian suppression of dissent is the one message they have been very consistent and clear.

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