Monday, March 15, 2010

The Mysterious, Shrouded, Awaiting Currency Crisis

"It never troubles the wolf how many sheep there may be."


America's secret war against its own people will have to be thrust into overdrive. The dam holding back the tidal wave of debt is about to break apart leaving sovereigns the only option of defaulting. No matter what is done to solidify the economic structure will not work as the situation is too far gone to save. What remains now is a logjam, a spellbound intermission, in which the powers in control are waiting for a large distraction to bring in an even more-stringent police state.

Since the established order has been in uncharted territory for months now, new crisis arise on almost a daily basis. The debt problem is so all-encompassing that because one economic fire is extinguished usually means another will spring up in a short while. In Europe, Iceland was the first to face a default, refuse austerity measures and require a bailout. Spain, Portugal, and Latvia are in dire straits but were able to hold off the inevitable chaos for the time being. This attention was snared by Greece who is also bankrupt and has fought the austerity measures offered by the International Monetary Fund since they stepped in to "bail" out the country.

The latest country about to be consumed by the crisis looks to be Brazil, the world's 8th largest economy. Financially, Brazil is run by the Rothschild-owned Inter-Alpha Group. This group of banks was established in 1971, the year Nixon took the United States off the gold standard for good, is an inter-connected web of tyrannical banks. These banks, Banco Santander, Societe General, ING Bank, National Bank of Greece, and Royal Bank of Scotland, to name a few, are now facing insolvency. Lyndon Larouche has astutely pointed out that the banks being lined up for support are also bankrupt, so the entire thing is a grand charade. Much like in the United States when the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) pledged to back-stop all accounts during the bailout, bankrupt banks bailing out other bankrupt banks is pure chicanery.

"To defeat the aggresors is not enough to make peace durable. The main thing is to discard the ideology that makes war."

-Ludwig von Mises

There are no other answers except more false flag terror followed by incremental infringement of personal liberties. A true economic collapse will make even a realistic false flag attack ineffective. The chemtrailing of the skies, man-made earthquakes, and vaccine peddling will all not be enough. The "soft" killers such as fluoridated water, chemically-poisoned food, and restrictive medicine will not be enough to stem the tide of discontent and willful disobedience that will be sure to follow a loss of confidence stemming from a currency crisis. Hyperinflation will cause a vast majority of people to totally reject everything the government has to offer.

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