Friday, March 12, 2010

Fourth Quarter, Time Running Out

No matter how badly the ruling powers would like the people to believe the economy is getting better, informed people can really sense that the end is near. As the economy is grinding to a halt, news trickles out, day by day, of how the economy is actually improving. This strategy is losing its potency even in the mainstream media outlets who are being blown away daily by the truth heralded on the Internet. What is clear to the many Americans who have taken the time to research the problem is that government officials do not want the economy to get better. If they truly did, they would institute the easy fixes to right the country. Then, you would see government officials go back to the Constitution, audit the Federal Reserve Banking System, put an end to all free trade agreements, bring all the troops home ending all illegal foreign wars, and the list goes on and on. However, they cannot and will not do these necessary things to restore the Republic.

If the tide were to turn like that, many lawmakers would face prosecution for treason. This is why "ripping the band-aid off" or letting the economy correct itself as soon as possible is not an option for these criminals. In order for the economy to fall and correct itself, lawmakers need to have some social measures in place to make sure the people do not turn the tables on them and usurp the power they have accumulated for themselves. The pressure has continued to grow and grow as some parts of the puzzle developed too quickly and they misunderestimated the intelligence of the people they meant to subject to their tyranny. This phenomena has reared its head when the health care bill was presented to the American people in August of 2009 and then repeatedly rejected and re-shoved down America's throat. Very simply, the rulers have no other plan. They need to have control of every body's physical lives or their plan will not work.

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