Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Obama's "Welfare for Snitches"

For the established elite in America, two linchpins have secured their domination and control over the country for generations. The main source of control is the manipulation of monetary policy and the prosecution of legal tender laws. Control of the printed money system assures that everyone must play the Federal Reserve's, elite-sponsored game and value what they are instructed to value. Those who choose alternative means of barter or trade are vilified and if a citizen refuses to pay tribute to the illegal foreign interest, they are persecuted, often extra-brutally, to discourage mass civil disobedience.

People have no reference point other than the social norms dictated to them because of the totalitarian public school system specifically designed to keep people in the dark and unaware of their true potential. The No Child Left Behind project, started in the Bush Administration, accelerated the dumbing down process by nationalizing standards of education and attaching money as a carrot for the schools who taught what they were instructed to teach. Standardized tests full of math and science became the gauge of whether students were being effectively educated. Largely forgotten was the concept of freedom and citizenship, let alone critical thinking.

Roughly ten years later, what America is left with are young people who have no means to be productive in society. Because the economy has been purposefully strangled, the only sure-fire careers to be found in the workplace are in health care(soon to be nationalized), education, and law enforcement. For the established order, this result is exactly what they have desired. Well, almost what they had desired.

If the Bush and Obama Administrations had had it their way, by now the American people would all be microchipped and subject to mandatory vaccinations. At the beginning of the 2009 swine flu debacle/hoax in America, the plan was to vaccinate everybody through the use of fear and retribution. Mandatory vaccination was struck down in the fall of 2009 after Dr. Richard Daines, the New York state health commissioner, issued the directive. People started to question the push and now largely the vaccination is seen not only as a total failure, but as an unneeded ploy to make money.

The established elite and their minion agents in government must be entirely unaware that their story is known and their games are becoming clearer by the day. Inexplicably, they continue to choose the wrong path, however, never ever focusing on root cause analysis, but rather, instituting solutions that exacerbate the problem.

During the 2008 campaign Obama promised a "national civilian security force, just as well-funded (as the military)." Obama's Chief of Staff, ex-Israeli soldier Rahm Emanuel has also espoused the plan for mandatory government service for all people 18-25 years old. At a time when Americans are seeing their life savings whittled away by a failing currency, Obama and company are trumpeting volunteerism through groups like Americorps.

Already this past 2009-2010 school year in Chicago, 102 CPS (Chicago Public School) students have been shot. Most always, the shootings are gang related. Gangs fight over areas on which to deal drugs. Drug dealers are some of the only entrepreneurs in bad neighborhoods, feasting off the phony market created by America's failed "War on Drugs."

Today, CPS CEO Ron Huberman announced a $60 million project to "protect the streets around Chicago public schools with the 'eyes and ears' of paid citizens." Huberman was quoted, "The community can be our eyes and ears. They will supplement police in making sure students are safe. They will be out protecting young people and making sure they get home safely."

So there it is- definitive proof of the snitches Obama wants to make of the American people. Tattlers like this will come in real handy when the government decides to ration everything from food to toiletries. It's up to you. Make no mistake- the choice will be to you... and soon. Will you sell out your fellow man for an extra loaf of bread? Or will you stand up to the tyrannical state and refuse their evil game?

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