Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Time to Think Critically

The National Pulse has been in the lead exposing the failure of the corporate elitists to consolidate their control of the world. It has been a fatiguing endeavor, however, to continually expose their treachery despite all the lies that support their power. People are easily swayed by what they hear in the mainstream media and few realize that almost all governmental offices and the media are controlled by the same cabal that wishes to tighten the vice of slavery on all Americans. The 20th Century was one gigantic lie, complete with two allegedly justified world wars and the incorporation of public education into American life. The sum total of the Federal Reserve's grip on monetary policy arrives us at this moment in time: the dollar about to crash and human rights possibly completely lost in an atmosphere of martial law. The National Pulse is done begging people to wake up. This publication believes all men were meant to be free. These days, however, few have had the education or the critical thinking to question their oppressors. Thus, they have become their own worst enemy, accepting the assurances of the slave master as their freedom is eroded away piece by piece.

Nor do the people seem to care when they find out what has been done. The banks are lining up for another round of theft after record profit taking. How could records have been set for profits after the money had to be borrowed? No one knows and no one seems to care. Here is a clip from the bailout time where TARP czar Elizabeth Warren admits she has no idea where the money went. Nothing makes sense yet people continue to patronize the major media outlets as if they are going to magically give the answers after shrouding the truth for so long.

The case of Rod Blagojevich is another example of the willful ignorance of the people. On December 8, 2008 Blagojevich announced the state of Illinois to suspend business with the Bank of America. On December 9 he was arrested at his home at six in the morning. Clearly, the elite were unhappy about a few things but the challenge to the Federal Reserve System was the straw that broke the camel's back. Under the Illinois state constitution, it is the right of the governor to appoint the senator to the vacated seat. At a time when the federal government was planning a takeover and blatant looting of the country, they could not let another freedom-minded senator into the federal legislative branch. Furthermore, when the dollar is finally worthless and unrest develops, the federal government will need a puppet governor in office to try and take the guns from the people. First Eliot Spitzer in New York was set up and ousted, next Blagojevich, Palin quit in the face of corporate oil pressure, and South Carolina's Mark Sanford is hanging on for dear life. We are witnessing an end-run around the 10th Amendment in order to usher in a fiercer tyranny controlled from Washington. Yesterday, Obama signed an Executive Order establishing a Council of Governors to "further the partnership between the Federal government and the State Governments to protect our nation against all types of hazards."

The press proceeded to assassinate Blagojevich's character and illegally move to impeach the democratically-elected governor of Illinois. All sorts of polls were haphazardly drawn together to solidify the man's guilt in the minds of all the American sheeple. No one bothered to inquire about the Bank of America situation or even remember that in America, men are presumed innocent- not the other way around. It is a sad commentary on Americans that the understand so little about the ever-decreasing freedom. Watch this clip as Mark Dice comically induces people to sign a petition for the fake not-for-profit group, Citizens for Higher Inflation.

Why won't they release the tapes? For these cutthroat politicians the end justifies the means. Clearly control is slipping from their grasp and the truth will eventually rise to the surface. The Kenyan-born Obama and Israeli citizen/soldier Rahm Emanuel and are in way over their pin heads and will not be able to hide the truth much longer. Their programme of deceit and Communist tyranny will not come to fruition.

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