Monday, November 2, 2009

The Gutting of H.R. 1207 and What This Means

The dollar's inevitable crash is being held off by people who wish to suck every drop of money from America, watch it burn, and somehow retain their power. Their confidence to pull the wool over America's eyes consistently lies in their absolute control of Congress and the mainstream media. The elite bankers and those who control the money supply use an age-old method of coercion. They make offers people can't refuse. Or, rather, they make offers most cowards won't refuse. Retaining their stranglehold over the money supply mankind is crucial to their plan of world domination. Insidiously, their false wealth has created abettors in all levels of government and the press. For the people without legislative power, they encourage ignorance of economics and promote the concept of the "need to know basis." You, in the eyes of the Federal Reserve, do not need to know the truth behind the Fed's monetary policy of inflation.

The failure of Congress to truthfully audit the Federal Reserve honestly and completely will result in civil war. Ron Paul and other lawmakers have tried peaceably to conduct an audit; a mere examination of the Fed's books. This is hardly an outrageous request- every citizen in the U.S. is subject to audit by the non-governmental Internal Revenue Service. Obviously, the Federal Reserve has been hiding their exploits from the American people for a reason. The reckless abandonment of Constitutional money has produced the current awful economic situation the U.S. is now embroiled.

When you consider the scope of power given to the Fed over American lives, the audit is, at this juncture a necessity. The Fed's dubious history in America is one that could last volumes. (An excellent account of their treason can be found here) Basically, the problem of the Federal Reserve in America boils down to these main contradictions. There was never a provision in the Constitution for a national bank. Article 1 Section 10 of the Constitution explicitly stipulates: "no state shall make anything except gold and silver in payments of debts." The removal of the U.S. currency from its backing by gold has allowed the Fed to artificially create large sums of funds which they have used to fight illegal, unprovoked wars of aggression in their quest to complete their takeover of the world.

A return to the Constitution has been long overdue. Finally, Congressman Ron Paul's 30 years of hard work have paid off and he received over 300 co-sponsors on his bill proposal to audit the Federal Reserve. (Click here to check out a classic exchange between Ron Paul and foreign moneylender Ben Bernanke) At last, it seemed as if the Fed would be forced to knuckle under, tell the truth to the American people, and slink away back to the hole from which they crawled.

However, during the almost hundred year reign of the Fed over American monetary policy, the tentacles of power have grown exponentially. Congressman usually will not be allowed to run unless they agree to play ball on the Fed's terms. The debate in American universities and Congressional floors about monetary policy is so mundane and shallow, the Federal Reserve Bank's power is easy to understand. So it wasn't surprising, last week, when Ron Paul's bill went to committee and was "gutted." North Carolina Representative Melvin Luther Watt took out the essential provisions of the bill, making it a toothless bill that would allow the Fed to keep doing what they have been doing without any accountability for their monetary policy. Watt is obviously a pawn of the banks and this is a proving act of treason. What a terrible shame it is for Watt, a man of African ancestry, to side with the oppressive moneyed powers. Apparently he is unaware of the horrors of all types of slavery. The Fed's control of monetary policy makes economic slaves of every American; arbitrarily and immorally deciding the value of money.

The American people need to realize that Federal Reserve is at the core of all their problems. The unnecessary foreign wars, the failing economy, the high cost of health care; all are fruits of the Federal Reserve collusion with government in creating money out of thin air. In the past, government was able to just create another bubble when people became angry. This time, there are no more bubbles to create.

It seems the elite's plan is to keep going with psychological operations until the people are too worn down to dissent and resist. Led by the Obama Administration, the elite have proven that they are determined to ignore the wishes of the masses to just continue their pillaging of national sovereignty. When America stood up and yelled, "No!" to health care, the Administration and Congress have carried on as if they cannot hear. When all the facts point to a failed strategy in Afghanistan, the Administration and Congress just keep trudging forward.

It is likely the globalists will keep doing whatever they please until chaos ensues. Then, they hope, in the confusion, they will be able to salvage some vestige of power without ever being brought to justice. It is becoming increasingly clear that their "plan" is to not let there be any watershed moment, so to speak, from ,say, the stock market. That already happened. This time the dollar is just going to fade to its death by a loss of confidence. Theoretically, this will give law enforcement yet another opportunity to prosecute the people for "legal tender laws." Using the major organs of the mainstream media, they fancy they may be able to continue selling American assets to the creditors to whom they have defaulted on their loan. Chinese, Russian, and Arab oligarchs will gain at the expense of the American people and the treason of the international bankers and politican abettors.

These problems can all be diverted when the American people quit being ignorant about monetary policy issues. A collective awakening by the masses cannot be stopped. Awakenings change behavior and boycott beats oppression.

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