Friday, October 30, 2009

The Military Debacle

The tragic wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan have done immeasurable damage to the United States and the world. The premise for the Afghanistan War and the War in Iraq has been a contrived ploy by the international elite. The war on terror is a made-up hoax to strip America of it Constitution and the individual liberties protected by it. Since 2001, the United States has been driven into economic collapse, exposing the true nature of the fascism that has been cultured in America. And the Obama supporters, completely blinded by his cult of personality, refuse to admit his unwillingness to end the destructive path the country is on.

After the CIA and Mossad attacks on the World Trade Centers, the U.S. took weeks to attack the failed state of Afghanistan. Most of the Taliban high-tailed it out of Kabul long before the Americans arrived to fight a conventional war against unconventional forces. In the meantime, the U.S. citizens were psychologically traumatized so badly they didn't care who paid- someone was going to pay. At home, people were frightened by the mainstream media at every turn and six weeks later, the government passed the Patriot Act, broadly expanding government power to "fight terrorism." Most Americans believed they were fighting terrorists, but in reality, they were the ones with the bulls eye on their chests.

Ever since the conception of the Federal Reserve System, America has been tricked or forced into war by a mixture of financial power and the intelligence services. The sinking of the Lusitania, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, and the destruction of the Trade Towers were all pre-conceived attacks either carried out by intelligence operatives or allowed to happen to elicit a response from the American people. The military-industrial complex has thrived off the economic bubbles created by warfare.

The time has past for America to start or continue another arbitrary war of aggression. It is absurdly sad to hear Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claim that the U.S. is not losing the war in Afghanistan. The war has been lost. The Taliban have free reign over 97% of the country. The Taliban are now moving into Pakistan as a result of the U.S. occupation. According to a recent defector of the State Department, the American presence is , as many Americans at home suspected, viewed by the Afghans as an illegal occupation. Click here to read the interview with Matthew Hoh.

It's unclear what Obama and the elite will do now. What they should so is bring all the troops home from everywhere. All 700 bases around the world should be vacated. Then Ron Paul's bill to audit the Federal Reserve should be passed and soon after that, the Fed ended. (Click here for Dr. Paul's Texas Straight Talk update from Oct. 30, 2009)

Obama supporters, once staunch anti-war supporters, have adopted the Bush Administration excuse of "if we leave, the situation will be chaotic." Obamatrons are so completely brainwashed by his slickness and their perception of his ideal family that they cannot think logically about the issues. Any disagreement with Obama is labeled as racist. Despite the fact he is carrying on the exact same policies as his predecessor Bush, Obamatrons say, "At least he's better than Bush." And that is not saying much. George Bush was quite possibly the biggest numskull ever in the White House and that is a huge statement. We at The National Pulse encourage those voters who can't see the fraud to admit you made a mistake. It's OK. He would have won anyway. A bigger mistake will be letting him sell the country to the United Nations because you are embarrassed to admit you are wrong.

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