Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Terrorists Are Land-lubbers, Matey

Get ready and hold fast. Here comes the onslaught by the backed-in-the-corner establishment to try once again to sway public opinion through lies and peer pressure. The Obama economic plan is faulty and the people that know this most of all are the officials in the Obama Administration. They are truly scared because they know that they and previous administrations for decades have LIED about the banking system. As Obama is trying to hold his hands out for silence and plead for more time, the defunct "old media" arms of the global elite are grasping at anything to try to thwart the vote of "no confidence" in the current government.

So.... let's get this straight, Associated Press. You think that because Obama plans to print trillions more dollars, refuse to implement some sort of gold standard to shore up the currency, continue wars all over the globe, infringe on civil liberties including the confiscation of firearms from American citizens, and turn the United States into a communist country that people are now....... racist?

The Dayton Business Journal was more realistic. The article points out that "globalization", the new world order", and stricter gun laws on returning veterans could be problematic as the bankers try to enslave the consumers with bailouts and taxes. When veterans who return to this country are refused a weapon, after having wielded one in "defense of freedom", law enforcement sees potential problems.

This "pirate situation" off the coast of Somalia was yet another attempt to condition the public- to set precedent- to sculpt the public opinion. The recent assault on the teenage pirates off the coast of Somalia is an example of this media circusing. Why weren't the "pirates" called "terrorists"? Because they were on water?  In a boat?

The National Pulse believes this word was chosen for its flexibility and adaptability. Pirates and piracy have always connotated a certain image in the eyes of Americans. From
 the quintessential Caribbean pirate with the parrot on his shoulder to Robin Hood, pirates have been a part of lore. Most pirates were rumored as much to "steal from the rich and give to the poor" as much as they were for being tough guys who would make a prisoner "walk the plank." Kings and tyrants have been laughed at for decades. Who can forget when the wicked King John forbade the hunting of deer in Nottingham Forest?

The Obama Administration hoped to gain something more for this incident. A chance to denounce piracy....of any kind......including the internet.

Hold fast and fear ye not, these waves, laddies. Shiver me timbers!

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