Friday, April 3, 2009

The Fallacy of Obama as Savior

The U.S. and the world are heading for a tremendously bad situation of hyperinflation and deflation.  This particular for of  inflation will be severe combined with a high demand for goods. Government's intervention has already disrupted the economy so severely that thousands are going out of business and the large chains have dramatically scaled back their inventories. Obama will admit the dangers but he relishes the chance to talk about them. Clear cut, logical, specific plans forward are the problem for Obama. He has surrounded himself with the same elite whose thirst for world domination will not allow real change. The problem is that Obama's solutions greatly contribute to the problem. Obama's solution might be best expressed with an analogy to the game of basketball, since it is March Madness. Obama is in the "four-corner stall" time of the basketball game. He feels the new world order has won. Obama's job is to hold the ball- deflect enough of the questions that come closest to the truth- and dupe the public into forfeiting some inalienable rights.
Certain myths  about Obama and his tactics need to be debunked constantly because of the level of worship that has surrounded his political rise. His faithful minions refuse to ask the hard questions in protection of liberty. Ordinarily, the deftness with which he, along with the media, manipulates the debate makes it hard to expose the real agenda. However, once the actions are matched with the rhetoric and strategies, the truth is exposed. One clear barometer for the
soundness of any Obama plan is a comparison to Ron Paul's policies. Examination of Obama's policies against the backdrop of Ron Paul's policy on every issue reveals a deep fundamental divide in what the role of government should be.

One example of Obama's arrogance and resistance to change happened last week during the televised internet debate. Despite the fact that over hundreds of thousands of the 3.5 million of the submitted questions were about marijuana, Obama chose bring up the question himself, and make a joke about the "popularity" of the quantity of questions as if everybody was calling in was Cheech and Chong. The focus of the debate was health care. Not only that, the failed war on drugs has been instrumental in starting a war at the Mexico/U.S. border which is a major threat to the security of the western states.

Obama frequently engages in intellectual bullying as much if not more than George W. Bush, who used to be ribbed mercilessly by comedians and other in the media for this very trait. It is an old political trick to try to portray people who have good ideas as being on the "lunatic fringe" of society when the object is to control the debate and keep power. The War on Drugs has been one of the Federal Reserve's most lucrative economic ventures over the 35 years of the DEA. Obama will not be stopping the criminalization of marijuana anytime soon. Dr. Paul, on the other hand, was a physician and supports the legalization of all drugs and the subsequent eradication of the false economy the failed drug laws have created.

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